According to an article posted by The Gazette, Fort Collins drivers have been ranked as the 7th safest in the nation based on collision frequency, closely followed by Colorado Springs drivers at 13th. This ranking comes from annual Allstate Corp. “America’s Best Drivers Report 2019.”

Fort Collins and Colorado Springs weren’t the only Colorado cities that were ranked in the report. Colorado Springs was followed by Thornton (30th), Lakewood (39th), Denver (83rd), and Aurora (92nd). The study considered the 200 largest cities in the country when establishing the rankings.

Do you agree with these rankings?

*The opinion below does not reflect the opinion or stance of OutThere Colorado or The Gazette. The opinion expressed is solely that of the reporter bylined on this piece.

Sure, Fort Collins seemed like a relaxing, safe place to drive the few times I’ve been through the town. But Colorado Springs? Come on.

I’ve been living here for the better half of a decade and it can still feel like I’m risking my life any time I get behind the wheel in this city.

The local newspaper literally held a town hall meeting this past May to address the problem of increasingly dangerous roads in the city.

In 2018, 48 people died on Colorado Springs’ roads, a number that beat the previous record of 46 set more than 30 years prior in 1986.

During the same year, El Paso County, which is home to Colorado Springs, also led the state in traffic deaths, accounting for 81 traffic deaths of 630 statewide.

Maybe Colorado Springs drivers don’t have many collisions, but saying this city is home to the 13th safest group of drivers in the nation definitely seems like a bit of a stretch.

Read more about why I think Colorado drivers are so bad in my editorial on the subject here.

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