Be wary if you happen to see a spotted llama roaming the hills west of Fort Collins. This fluffy creature may look cute, but it’s been reported as aggressive. Two separate groups of hikers have said that they were charged by the llama in the Bobcat Ridge Natural Area – an area more commonly known to be a home for elk and wild turkeys.

According to Karl Manderbach, a ranger at Bobcat Ridge, there have been occasional reports of llama sightings for several months, though the frequency of these reports has recently grown to daily. One can only speculate about why the spotted llama, now known as Louise, is being seen more frequently.

The City of Fort Collins Natural Areas staff recently published photos of the llama on social media in hopes of finding the owner. Officials have also made several unsuccessful attempts to capture the elusive creature, one of which involved bringing a large herd of llamas to the area in an attempt to get Louise to instinctively join the group. Fortunately, none of the other llamas escaped to join Louise in a life on the run.

Believe it or not, the people of the Front Range are quite successful when it comes to losing their llamas: two other llamas have been lost in a similar area this year, including Speckles, who was eventually found near Big Thompson River and Bravado and is unfortunately still missing.

The Fort Collins Natural Areas staff has asked the public for help finding Louise’s owner. You are able to reach them at 970-416-2147.

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