Top 9 Places to go Ice Skating in Colorado

Photo Credit: Tripp Fay, courtesy of Copper Mountain Resort.

As the fall months turn to winter, make the most of the cold temperatures and go ice-skating. Colorado is known for its indoor and outdoor ice-skating venues, which stretch across the entire state. So, strap on your skates and get gliding across the ice.

1. Evergreen Lake

People looking to save a few dollars can always ice skate on a place like Evergreen Lake, but make sure it’s fully frozen first. This 40-acre lake even has a wooden walkway, so parents can keep an eye on their children.


2. Ouray

Sure, the Rotary Park Rink in Ouray is a nice facility. But, you will want to go to this destination because of the incredible scenery all around you and the hot springs pools you can soak in.


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3. Community Center Ice Rink

The Community Center Ice Rink, located in Glenwood Springs, is a partially enclosed facility for those who enjoy both the indoors and outdoors. Measuring 85 feet to 200 feet, this rink is open for ice-skating and hockey. Just like Ouray, there is also a hot springs nearby.


4. Jackson Lake

In the northeast corner of the state, Jackson Lake is remarkable when it freezes over. Look around you and notice the breathtaking vistas and wildlife that still is visible during the colder months.


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5. Dercum Square Ice Rink, Keystone

This next destination prides itself on being the largest outdoor ice rink in all of North America that is sustained by a Zamboni. Day or night, ice skating can be done at the Dercum Square Ice Rink on the grounds of the Keystone Resort.


6. Winter Park

Since we all like “free,” get over to Winter Park and receive free lessons at the Village Ice Rink. The rentals are free and so are the views of the Continental Divide peaks.


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7. Estes Park

Snow-covered peaks and ice skaters can be seen at Estes Park. You can be a part of the action to by grabbing a cup of cocoa before, during, and after your ice skating experience.


8. Silver Circle Ice Rink

Aspen is home to more than just skiing. Check out the Silver Circle Ice Rink, with beautiful views and a great location in the heart of Aspen.


9. Silverton

Silverton is home to skiing, snowshoeing, and ice-skating as well. The San Juan Mountains will be your backdrop, and when the sun goes down, the moon will be your guide.


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