The 10 Most Popular Outdoorsy Activities in Colorado

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Every wonder how many people in Colorado are actually interested in skiing? What about mountain biking? After crunching some numbers, we’ve determined which outdoorsy activities Coloradans love the most. Keep in mind that interests are non-exclusive, meaning people can like multiple items on this list.

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10. Mountaineering – 2.5%; 103,000 people

This one shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. With everyone in Colorado so psyched about bagging 14ers, a common interest in mountaineering is a given.

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9. Mountain Biking – 5.7%; 234,000 people

One of the more dangerous sports in Colorado, mountain biking is also one of the most popular. However, keep in mind that there’s a big gap between those spending thousands of dollars on a downhill bike they’re taking to lift-accessible parks and those with a cheaper model for calmer trail riding. Either way, expect 1 in 20 in the Centennial State to say they enjoy this sport on a regular basis.

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8. Golf – 7.8%; 323,000 people

Golf is a popular sport around the entire country, and Colorado is home to several of the most scenic high altitude golf courses around. Lower oxygen levels make the ball go further, right?

7. Snowboarding – 8.6%; 357,000 people

Not quite as popular as skiing, but still very popular, Colorado is home to a ton of snowboarders. We suspect a skew towards the younger audience is what keeps this sport at a rank of 7 instead of somewhere closer to the top 3.

6. Fishing – 9.5%; 390,000 people

Fly Fishing - OutThere Colorado

Colorado might not be known for its water, but it should be. The lakes and rivers in this state offer some of the best fly-fishing around. With how huge Colorado is and how uninhabited most regions are, there are plenty of fish to go around.

5. Camping – 11.6%; 479,000 people

As one of the best ways to get out there and enjoy Colorado in its most natural form, camping steals the number 5 spot when it comes to popular outdoorsy Colorado activities. Something that’s easy for anyone to enjoy, regardless of their age, physical stamina, and income level, camping will always be a Colorado favorite.

4. Cycling – 12.4%; 513,000 people

Believe it or not, more people tend to be interested in road cycling around Colorado despite the state’s many mountain biking trails. If we had to guess, this sport’s popularity is probably due to the typical age range of road cycling being much wider than that of mountain biking, which is often viewed as riskier. It’s also much easier for people to road bike, as they can do it anywhere without having to find a certain trail.

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3. Hiking – 13.2%; 546,000 people

As one of the easiest sports to get into, hiking caters to nearly everyone with a huge variety of trails around the state representing nearly any level of difficulty. We suspect the numbers for this activity have been growing in recent years, as more residents new to Colorado are eager to explore their new home.

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2. Running – 14.1%; 580,000 people

Another sport that’s popularity might largely be due to accessibility, someone can pick up this activity nearly anywhere with a very low cost of entry. That’s why roughly 1 in 7 Coloradans have shown an interest in taking a jog.

1. Skiing – 15.7%; 647,000 people

Skiing - Outthere Colorado

When I was doing the research for this piece I expected skiing to be popular. Number 1? Not really. I figured hiking or camping or steal the spot, simply because skiing is expensive and because it requires a good amount of skill. Anyone can go for a walk down a trail or survive a night in a tent. Controlling oneself down a ski run? That can be a little more intimidating. That being said, with the huge number of ski resorts in Colorado and the massive amount of hype that surrounds them, the fact the more than 1 in 6 people in the state have shown interest in this sport seems reasonable.

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Numbers are estimates based on interests expressed online of roughly 90% of the Colorado population 18 and up.


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