Soak in “Cedar Tea” at SunWater Spa near Colorado Springs

Outdoor SunWater Spa tubs boast great views of the surrounding mountainscape, including the Manitou Incline.

If you’re looking for a mineral spring experience on Colorado Front Range, SunWater Spa is a great stop to add to your list. Located in Manitou Springs, just outside of Colorado Springs, this destination offers a spot to relax and recover in heated mineral springs tubs with a mountain view.

The water you’ll find at SunWater Spa is pumped into multiple tubs at the facility from Manitou Springs’ famous Seven Minute Spring. This water has been naturally filtered through deep underground rock faults, which has infused it with a number of minerals. While the eight mineral springs in Manitou vary when it comes to their mineral makeup, the specific spring that feeds these pools is high in magnesium (said to help with bone formation, nerve conduction, blood pressure) and iron (helps the process that transports oxygen around the body).

Because cedar pools are used at SunWater Spa, as water is heated to 100 to 104 degrees, it actually extracts cedar oil. According to SunWater Spa, this “unique process” is “essentially creating a cedar tea,” which promotes “healthy skin” and a “soothed respiratory system.” Believe it or not, this “cedar tea” effect actually impacts the color of the water, too, as the spa mentions that water first changes to a yellowish tint and then a “rich dark red.”

Other offerings at SunWater Spa include yoga classes, spa treatments, and more.

For information about pricing, reservations, and more, visit the SunWater Spa website.

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