Mount Princeton winter (Photo) Credit Haji Mahmood

Private Hot Tubs at Mount Princeton Hot Springs.

Photo Credit: Haji Mahmood, courtesy Mount Princeton Hot Springs.

Nestled outside of Buena Vista, travelers can find a great hot spring option that offers large heated pools, customizable hot pools in a creek, and private heated pools year-round, making it the perfect spot for a winter soak.

Among the pools at Mount Princeton Hot Springs are two large outdoor pools at the upper level entrance of the Historic Bath House – a soaking pool and an exercise pool. The temperature of the soaking pool typically rests around 105 degrees while the exercise pool is near 90 degrees. These pools are odorless and are fed by an underground natural hot spring that releases water at a temperature near 140 degrees. At night, these outdoor pools provide amazing views of the stars above without the disturbance of light pollution.

Creekside at Mount Princeton (Photo) Credit Scott Peterson

Creekside hot springs in river at Mount Princeton Hot Springs during winter.

Photo Credit: Scott Peterson, Mount Princeton Hot Springs.

This hot spring destination takes full advantage of a river that runs along the property, with smaller and more natural pools found in the shallow water along the river’s edge. Find a place in one of the established rock rings along the river and move a few rocks around to adjust the temperature of your customized space. Be careful not to be too close to the water spouts - this water is really hot!

Another unique feature of this hot spring resort is the Infinity Pool, which opened in 2019. It features a unique infinity-edge design, water jets, built-in seats, and a sunbathing deck. The mineral water in this pool is about 100 degrees. It’s also worth noting the three Japanese-style pools that cascade along Chalk Creek, offering a more private setting as this spot is reserved for guests 16 and up. Constructed to feel natural, temperatures in these pools range from 101 and 107 degrees. The Relaxation Pool is another more private, calmer soaking option.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs winter (Photo) Credit Haji Mahmood

The exercise pool at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs during winter.

Photo Credit: Haji Mahmood, courtesy Mount Princeton Hot Springs.

A convenient stop for those passing through the Buena Vista area, the cost to visit Mount Princeton varies based on the day, starting at $20. During the summer, a 400-foot waterslide at the resort costs an extra $5 to ride, though this fee allows for unlimited rides.

A riverside hot spring option with a luxurious, yet natural feel, Mount Princeton Hot Springs is the perfect spot for a winter soak in Colorado. Complete with mountain views and multiple pool options that provide different experiences, this relaxing spot is hard to beat.

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for starters they are not Riverside they are Creekside. and to get warm you have to scoot your bottom down into the sand in the bottom of the pool to get warm. until you accomplish that you're pretty cold. Cottonwood Creek Hot Springs are much better.

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