A hiker strolls the Blodgett Trail at Blodgett Open Space, the namesake peak looming in the near distance. Photo by Seth Boster, The Gazette 

Blodgett Trail

Blodgett Peak commands attention on the north side of Colorado Springs. Its pointy, craggy profile stands out among the green foothills, calling to explorers who should not underestimate its summit, however humble near 9,500 feet.

The namesake open space at Blodgett’s base includes a trailhead that warns of the “treacherous” venture to the top. Injuries have been dealt, as well as fatalities.

From city park boundaries, a trail scampers up Pike National Forest and often disappears amid rocks and loose soil along harsh grades. We tracked a trip once as about 8 miles and 2,600 feet of elevation gain.

But no, for this installment of our Happy Trails series, we’re not spotlighting that hard journey. After all, one can be happy on much gentler ground, such as that at Blodgett’s base. The simple loop is a great way to admire the peak, great, too, for the whole family.

It begins up the wide gravel path from the trailhead, from where the mountain looms large between this section of Rampart Range mostly spared from 2012’s Waldo Canyon fire. The uphill doesn’t seem like much, but it’s easy to feel spoiled by the views looking south upon the range toward Cheyenne Mountain and those looking east to Black Forest and the plains.

The trail skirts the edge of tall evergreens. At about a half-mile, the Hummingbird Trail begins to the left, the popular way to the summit. About a quarter-mile farther, the trail veers right for Peregrine Trail, descending rather sharply between Douglas fir and ponderosa pine.

The creek sometimes runs in the woods, though we’ve never found it to be much. Veering right for the Ponderosa Trail will get you back to the parking lot, as will staying straight on Peregrine.

While around, extend your outdoor time by checking out the newest addition to the open space, 64 acres with some flowy singletrack. The South Blodgett trails can be reached from another parking lot just down Woodmen Road; turn for Blodgett Ranch Trail.

Trip report: 1½ miles round trip (loop), 329 feet elevation gain

Difficulty: Easy

Getting there: Trailhead at 3786 W. Woodmen Road

FYI: Hiking, biking, horses. Dogs on leash. Open dawn to dusk.



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