Portaledge Photo Credit: gregepperson (iStock).

File photo of a climber in a portaledge device. Similar equipment is used during this guided experience. Photo Credit: gregepperson (iStock).

Have you ever wondered what it's like to spend the night on the side of a cliff? Thanks to a unique 'Airbnb Adventures' package, that's now a possibility with no climbing experience necessary.

Dubbed 'Camp on a cliff in Colorado', this 5-star experience involves climbing, rappelling, hiking, and camping in the Estes Park area, miles from Rocky Mountain National Park.

The experience starts with a short hike to the base of a cliff. From there, the climb to the campsite begins. Those unable to climb to the campsite are able to rappel down to the area from above. Upon reaching the cliffside camping spot, participants build their "vertical home" for the night followed by dinner. The next morning, a cliffside breakfast takes place, followed by a rappel back to the ground below.

During their overnight stay, climbers use a device called a portaledge. This is a hanging tent system that attaches to the rock face, often used by climbers working on multi-day projects.

Many dates are currently available throughout the summer, with the experience costing $940 per person, including all needed equipment and food.

As detailed on Airbnb, all guides are certified by the American Mountain Guides Association. Safety is a top priority.

This activity is managed by the Kent Mountain Adventure Center, which is a local guiding service that has been in operation for more than 30 years. Along with cliffside camping, they offer rock climbing, a via ferrata experience, and more.

Find the cliff camping experience on Airbnb here.

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