8 Perfect Things to Do During a Steamboat Springs Vacation

Downtown Steamboat Springs. Photo Credit: bauhaus1000 (iStock).

A Colorado town that keeps the fun going year round, Steamboat Springs is a one-of-a-kind destination. Here are a few recommendations that will help amp up your time while you’re there.

1. Hit the Slopes

8 Perfect Things to Do During a Steamboat Springs Vacation

Steamboat Springs, also known as Ski Town, USA.

Just like the town, the Steamboat Springs mountain stays active year-round. In the winter, skiing is the obvious recommendation. The trees in Steamboat are unmatched compared to many places around the country. If it’s the summer, try your hand at disc golf or try out the alpine coaster.

2. Explore the Backcountry

8 Perfect Things to Do During a Steamboat Springs Vacation

Matt Kotzen (left) and Colorado Sled Rentals guide Michael Lambert (right) pose by a backcountry hut in the Steamboat Springs area. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee

Another activity that makes for a totally awesome and completely different experience depending on the season involves venturing into the backcountry. If you’re doing this during the winter, your best bet is via snowmobile. One company that offers this is Colorado Sled Rentals, a Polaris Adventures partner (this means they switch out for the newest equipment each season). If you’re looking to explore the backcountry in the summer, hiking and camping will be your best bet. Check out the area around Hahn’s Peak. Make sure you’re prepared to safely and responsibly enter the backcountry prior to doing so. Here are a few tips to get you started.

3. Keep Watch Over the Hillsides

8 Perfect Things to Do During a Steamboat Springs Vacation

Photo Credit: Bigfuzzyjesus (wikimedia commons).

Aside from just checking out Hahn’s Peak during a backcountry adventure, this mountain also makes for a great summit hike. On top of Hahn’s Peak, you’ll find an old fire lookout tower that was built in 1912. In total, the hike is four miles and has an elevation gain of roughly 1,500 feet. If you’re climbing it during the summer, make sure you’re on the lookout for afternoon thunderstorms. Here’s a list of tips to help make sure you’re climbing safely.

4. Try Out the River Floating

Floating the Might Yampa Spencer McKee

While skiing is the top dog in Steamboat come winter, river floating is a prime activity to try out come summer. The way Steamboat is set up along the Yampa River makes it very convenient to grab an inner-tube and go for a relaxing float. Utilize the bus system. Park your car at where you’ll be ending your float and take the bus to where you’ll be putting in. Make sure the water flow speed is safe for tubing prior to hopping in.

5. Treat Yourself with a Luxurious Stay

8 Perfect Things to Do During a Steamboat Springs Vacation

A look inside one of the Moving Mountains properties in Steamboat Springs.

When most people think “Colorado luxury,” places like Aspen and Vail come to mind. That being said, Steamboat Springs is a very underrated spot when it comes to finding a luxurious stay. One company in particular, Moving Mountains, offers a top notch lodging experience in more than 80 properties around town, from slope-side options to bigger, more remote homes. These stays can also include services like ski valet. If you’re looking to treat yourself, Steamboat Springs is a great place to do it.

6. Get Your Soak On

8 Perfect Things to Do During a Steamboat Springs Vacation

Strawberry Hot Springs is one popular clothing-optional resort in Colorado, though suits are required until after dark. Photo Credit: strawberryhotsprings.com.

Speaking of “treating yourself,” Steamboat is home to one of the most premiere hot springs in the state – Strawberry Hot Springs. Visit day or night, summer or winter and you’ll have a great time. This hot spring is known for its rugged-feel and relaxed atmosphere. Visit during night for no lights and a clothing0-optional experience.

7. Attend a Rodeo

8 Perfect Things to Do During a Steamboat Springs Vacation

A rider falls from a bull in Steamboat, Colorado. Photo Credit: FotoBobCo (Flickr)

When it comes to finding authentic “ wild west” in the Centennial State, Steamboat Springs is where it’s at. The perfect way to experience this is by attending one of the summer rodeos. They happen on a weekly basis and are a fun event for the whole family.

8. Get Your Adrenaline Fix

8 Perfect Things to Do During a Steamboat Springs Vacation

Crossing the Devil’s Causeway.

If you’re really looking to get adventurous, make the short drive from Steamboat Springs to Yampa seeking out the Flat Tops Wilderness. It’s part of Colorado that is truly wild and is home to the infamous Devil’s Causeway hike. This trail includes a section where hikers must pass across a very narrow landbridge with major exposure and fall risk. Participate at your own risk, and if you do, leave no trace.

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