8 Haunted Spots in Cripple Creek, Colorado

Christmas Casino & Inn at Bronco Billy’s. Photo Credit: Michelle Karas/Pikes Peak Courier

Gold called several thousand hungry souls to Cripple Creek toward the end of the 19th century. The riches have faded — but maybe not the searchers.

1. Christmas Casino & Inn

A tragic tale has been passed down from the former scene of the Imperial Hotel. The overseer’s mentally maligned daughter, Alice, is rumored to have killed her father by knocking him down a flight of stairs. Is that the sound of unsettled bickering?

2. Cripple Creek Fire Department

Firefighters have known a ghost as Jack. On his bad days, he is said to open drawers and cupboards in the kitchen. On his good days, workers find office spaces tidied up. Word is he’ll sometimes mosey over to the Butte Theater to join festive spirits.

3. Cripple Creek Police Department

One late-night dispatcher spoke of an invisible trickster upstairs who made a ruckus. She and the “visitor” supposedly made a deal to let her work in peace.

4. Colorado Grande Casino

Believers know this to be home to the town’s most famous ghost: Maggie. They hear her high heels and smell her rose-scented perfume.

5. Midland Terminal Railroad Depot

While many came and went here from 1895 to 1949, observers sense others never left. Paranormal investigators have made this a hot spot for voice recordings.

6. Outlaws & Lawmen Jail Museum

The old Teller County Jail saw a pair of deaths in its day. The story is told of one man who fell from a window to his death — landing in a spot where blood is said to reappear. The second was Olga Knutson, who’d been declared insane. Some say she appears still near the cell where she perished.

7. Palace Hotel

Miss Kitty, the wife of the hotel’s early-1900s owner, apparently left work unfinished. Reports say she continues to light candles and tend to beds.

8. Teller County Courthouse

No one died in the building, but the suspicion is that some of the accused have returned, still angry over their verdicts.

SOURCE: Cripple Creek District Museum



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