7 pieces of rock climbing equipment you’re sure to love

Spencer McKee climbs a route near Cañon City, Colorado. Photo Credit: Mariah Hoffman.

The gift-giving season is upon us. Consider the products below for that special climber in your life. Most of the products are pictured in the photo above, with the exception of the quickdraws and the rope.

1. La Sportiva Otaki climbing shoes ($180.00)

Finding the right climbing shoe can make or break your climbing experience. I’ve had my Otakis for roughly half a year and I still love them. They’re precise and have great edges that allow one to perform well on slab. Plus, they’re velcro – which I prefer to laces.

The Otakis are a little pricy at $180 (I was lucky to find them on sale), but they’re worth it if you’re starting to get more serious about climbing regularly. These shoes are popular enough to be found anywhere you’d find La Sportiva climbing gear. Go buy them at your local climbing shop.

2. Petzl Boreo Helmet ($69.95)

It took me threes purchases to find a helmet that I really like and the Petzl Boreo is it. It fits my head well and it’s easy to adjust the tightness. I also feel like it gives me a fuller coverage compared to some climbing helmets that tend to leave the sides of the head feeling a bit vulnerable. Plus, it comes in bright green.

3. Black Diamond Positron Quickdraws ($79.93, 6-pack)

The Black Diamond Positron Quickdraws have two solid gates, which I find a little bit easier to clip quickly. I’ve only used these a few times since buying, but I’ve liked them so far. I’ve got 6 of these and 6 Mad Rock Superlight Quickdraws that I tend to use in different situations. I’d recommend them both.

4. Edelrid Rocket chalk bag ($14.95ish)

A chalk bag is simple – it holds chalk…it’s hard to go wrong. That being said, I love my Edelrid Rocket chalk bag because it’s got a large opening and plenty of space inside. It’s also brightly colored and has a monkey on it, as all chalk bags should.

5. Petzl Adjama climbing harness ($79.95)

There are a lot of options when it comes to a harness and I’ve admittedly only tried a few, but the Petzl Adjama is a solid choice. I’ve been using this harness for over a year and I still love it. It has a comfortable fit and doesn’t rub in the wrong spots. It can also handle taking a fall without causing discomfort. Try a few harnesses and get the one that fits your body the best, but this one is a great place to start.

6. Mammut 9.2 Revelation Dry 70m rope ($300)

A product I’ve only used a couple times, but already love, the Mammut Revelation Dry seems to do its job well. It’s got a small diameter, which makes it easy to use while belaying and lighter on the climber. Plus, it’s dry coated, which makes it better for ice climbing and can increase the life of the rope.

7. The Metolius PAS 22 ($33.95)

The Metolius PAS 22 personal anchor system uses a chain-link-style system, which I like because it’s easy to make it more compact on your belt thus out of your way.



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