7 Clothing-optional places to go naked in Colorado

Valley View Hot Springs. Photo Credit: Mark Reis.

Whether it’s called going au naturel, rocking the birthday suit, or being in the buff, being naked can be a freeing experience. If you’re looking to add a clothing-optional adventure to your Colorado bucket list, check out one of these 7 spots.

Editor’s Note: The legality of nudity can vary depending on the destination. Rules can also change. Check with an official source prior to planning a naked adventure at any of these destinations. Hourly, age, and gender restrictions may apply.

1. Orvis Hot Springs

7 Clothing-optional places to go naked in Colorado

Orvis Hot Springs. Courtesy of Orvis Hot Springs.

Located in Ridgway, Colorado, Orvis Hot Springs is clothing optional spot that allows nudity at outdoor soaking areas and in the sauna. They do require nude individuals to utilize a towel, robe, or other modest covering in hallways of their main building. Find out more information here.

2. Strawberry Hot Springs

7 Clothing-optional places to go naked in Colorado

Steam rises while people soak in Strawberry Park Hot Springs near Steamboat Springs, Colo., on a frigid Wednesday afternoon on Dec. 18, 2019. The iconic natural spring fed pools attracts visitors all seasons of the year. Photo Credit: Chancey Bush / The Gazette.

An iconic Colorado hot spring found at the end of a long dirt road near Steamboat Springs, Strawberry Hot Springs is clothing optional after dark when no one under 18 is allowed at the facility. Find information about visiting here.

3. Mountain Air Ranch

A true nudist resort, Mountain Air Ranch offers the opportunity to hike, swim, and play paddle tennis while naked. Find their Facebook page here.

4. Desert Reef Hot Spring

7 Clothing-optional places to go naked in Colorado

The Rocky Mountains loom in view of the Desert Reef Hot Springs in Florence. The pool is a serene, clothing-optional soaking spot beloved by locals and Colorado Springs residents a 45-minute drive away. Photo Credit: Desert Reef Hot Spring

This clothing optional facility considers themselves “family-oriented” with a number of policies and regulations set-up tp “ensure the safety and security” of all patrons. Located within an hour from Colorado Springs in Florence, Desert Reef Hot Springs allows nudity during most times of the day. Note that men can not visit this resort unless they purchase a membership or are accompanied by their partner. Find more information about visiting here.

5. Orient Land Trust

7 Clothing-optional places to go naked in Colorado

Valley View Hot Springs. Photo Credit: Mark Reis.

Home to a “clothing-optional naturist open space” and Valley View Hot Springs, Orient Land Trust is another spot where clothing isn’t required. Located in Moffat, Colorado, this destination is also home to a large colony of bats known for their group exodus of a mine shaft. Find out more by visiting their website here.

6. Dakota Hot Springs

Dakota Hot Springs is clothing-optional every day of the week except for Tuesday. Keep in mind that this Penrose-destination is considered a family-friendly environment and that rules regarding nudity exist. Find out more information about this destination here.

7. Conundrum Hot Springs

7 Clothing-optional places to go naked in Colorado

Conundrum Hot Springs, Photo Credit: William Currier (Flickr).

Conundrum Hot Springs is allegedly a clothing-optional spot, often frequented by naked locals. That being said, check with local rules and regulations prior to planning a trip to this destination. Recent years have brought a number of new rules and policies, including a permitting system for camping.

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