7 apps every Colorado adventurer should download

Mountain bikers ride Mary’s Loop above the Colorado River in this 2013. Photo Credit: Christian Murdock, The Gazette.

Are you looking to enhance your outdoor experience in Colorado? Here are a few smartphone applications that Colorado adventurers should consider checking out.

Editor’s Note: These recommendations are based on the iPhone experience. Most of these apps will have an Android counterpart, though performance may vary.

1. PeakVisor

An app that’s sure to enhance your hiking experience, especially on Colorado’s tallest peaks, PeakVisor uses augmented reality to allow users to identify distant mountains. It’s great to use at the top of a Colorado fourteener so that you know what mountains you’re admiring from afar.

2. Strava

Not only does Strava allow users to track their performance overtime, it also allows users to set up custom segments along trails to track their performance over time in a highly tailored way. Strava will also show users how their abilities stack up against other Strava users that have tracked themselves on the same trail. If you’re looking for a little bit of extra motivation, Strava is one option you can’t skip.

3. AllTrails

AllTrails is a great website and application for finding trails in a given area. With a number of user reviews on popular hikes, including images and trail condition updates, AllTrails is the perfect app to inspire your next adventure.

4. 14ers.com

The smartphone equivalent for the 14ers.com site known and loved by many, the 14ers.com app allows users to download images and maps to their phone so that they can be accessed without cell phone connection. If you’re hiking fourteeners, this application should be on your phone and you should know how to use it.

5. MTN Project

This application puts the power of many rock climbing guides into your pocket. Find routes searchable by location and read user reviews to know what to expect. This app also lets users keep track of which routes they’ve already climbed.

6. SkyGuide

Looking to get even more out of your camping trip stargazing? SkyGuide uses augmented reality to let users known what they’re looking at above. It’s similar to the aforementioned PeakVisor, but with stars and planets.

7. MTB Project

The mountain biking counterpart to MTN Project, MTB Project allows users to find mountain biking trails. It’s also super helpful when it comes to getting back to the trail if you make a wrong turn. If you’re on two wheels in Colorado, this application is a must-download.


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