10 Tallest Waterfalls in Colorado

Fish Creek Falls in Steamboat Springs. Photo Credit: qJake (flickr)

Colorado is a picturesque paradise filled with mountain ranges, rivers, and stunning views. One of the many sights found in Colorado are impressive waterfalls. With steep canyons throughout the state, winding rivers and spring snow runoff create beautiful falls perfect for hiking and sightseeing.

1. Bridal Vail Falls – 365’

The tallest waterfall in Colorado, Bridal Falls, is located just outside of Telluride on a rocky country road that leads to the base of the impressive falls. The road is only navigable with a four-wheel-drive vehicle, but the 1.8-mile road is a great hike for those without adequate transportation.

2. Fish Creek Falls – 280’

Just outside of Steamboat Springs, Fish Creek Falls is a year-round destination. The falls, which reach a height of 280 feet, are most impressive in the spring, when the snowmelt from the peaks roar down the mountainside. Visit in the summer for views of the crystal clear water and lush foliage. For the adventuresome, winter at Fish Falls brings the chance for ice climbing.

3. Silver Cascade Falls – 200’

Silver Cascade Falls - Ahodges7 - Wikimedia Commons

Hiking up to Silver Cascade Falls starts at the smaller Helen Hunt Falls and then climbs steeply along the mountainside of the falls. At the top, take in the panoramic view of North Cheyenne Canyon.

4. Seven Falls – 181’

Seven waterfalls cascade down a canyon outside of Colorado Springs to form the impressive Seven Falls. With a total height of 181 feet, the Seven Falls are accessible via a challenging 224-step staircase or by elevator.

5. Box Canyon – 85’


Box Canyon Falls - mark byzewski - flickr

This 85-foot tall waterfall in Ouray, CO has three hiking trails to enjoy. Birdwatchers take note: the falls have been designated an important bird area by the National Audubon Society.

6. Rifle Falls – 70’

The Rifle Falls are three, side-by-side waterfalls that drop 70 feet into the river below. Surrounding the base of the waterfalls are limestone caves that entice visitors to explore their depths.

7. Rainbow Falls – 46’

Rainbow Falls - Ahodges7 - Wikimedia Commons

Located near Manitou Springs in El Paso County, Rainbow Falls travels 46 feet down a sloping mountainside. Historically, the area was home the Sun Mountain people, a branch of the Ute Indian tribe.

8. Ouzel Falls – 40’

Ouzel Falls - Warner Hawks - flickr

Nestled in the extensive Rocky Mountain National Park, Ouzel Falls is a 40-foot high waterfall. The falls and nearby lake are named for the small birds that bob in rivers for food.

9. Helen Hunt Falls – 36’

This three-story waterfall is easily accessible for every visitor, with a parking lot and visitors center at the base of the falls. For a more active view, take a walk to the bridge spanning the top of the falls.

10. Zapata Falls – 30’

In southern Colorado, the Zapata Falls offer visitors the chance to cool off from the heat that blows off of the Great Sand Dunes. The trail to the falls requires wading through water and climbing over slick rocks, but the view of the dunes from the trailhead, and the spectacular falls, are worth the climb.


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