woman hiker hiking on sunrise mountain peakPhoto Credit: Kar-Tr (iStock).

Photo Credit: Kar-Tr (iStock).

If you head straight to Google when it comes to looking for trip ideas, you're not alone. And Google Reviews is often the first stop people make when they're looking to see whether or not a spot might be worth visiting.

Below, find 10 times when people did not enjoy their trip to an iconic Colorado attraction, enough so to leave a report on Google Reviews.

Pikes Peak: "Scary horrible experience [...] It feels like you may die, due to the lack of guard rails. The views are pretty, but much better when not scared for your life. [...] I haven't looked up the death toll from this yet. One entire family was stranded on the mountain due to burning up their clutch. I wouldn't recommend," 1 star, Maria M.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park: "We thought this would be a fun family trip. Sand got everywhere. It was super hot, and we couldn't find a single refreshment stand. Cell phone coverage was horrible," 1 star, Jeffery F.

Garden of the Gods: "The views are amazing, the 19th century ban on alcohol is absolutely ridiculous," – 1 star, Micah P.

Rocky Mountain National Park: "Too many rocks! Too many mountains! The mountains were too big. Didn't see any wildlife. A total lack of fast food options," 1 star, Alex F.

Million Dollar Highway: "Absolutely beautiful, absolutely insane if you're used to safety measures such as guard rails," 4 stars, LaDonna C.

Maroon Bells: "Saw no bears. Slightly disappointed," – 2 stars, Dan P.

Mesa Verde National Park: Went here, but couldn't enter the park too far as I have a great fear of drop-offs!!! So if you have a fear of heights and roads with sheer drop offs right at the side of your car... don't attempt this park," – Debbie B.

Hanging Lake: "Hot. Can't drink the stream water. Need a reservation. Busy. Only one entrance to parking. Long and steep hike. No cell reception. Go to Utah or Wyoming," 1 star, BreckBear.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison: "Interesting, but disappointing" – 3 stars, Frank F.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre: "Went to get a funnel cake well before the end of the concert and was told the concession stand is closed. He sent me across the plaza to another food stand and they said they don't make funnel cakes and are also closed," 1 star, Nick M.

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Spencer McKee is OutThere Colorado's Director of Content and Operations. In his spare time, Spencer loves to hike, rock climb, and trail run. He's on a mission to summit all 58 of Colorado's fourteeners and has already climbed more than half.


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(25) comments


😂🤣😊👌😂🤣😊👌Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! That was hilarious!! Almost like watching the 'people in walmart' video. Me, no complaints


Hahaha!! These are great! “…go to Utah or Wyoming!” and the RMNP review - “Too many mountains.” Hilarious!


Why rerun old articles without any updates?

One presumes there isn’t a daily article minimum, as in middle school.

82nd Airborne

Makes me wonder how some of these people find the courage to even roll out of bed in the morning. I like George Carlin's reply to this whining - "Hey, where's your sense of adventure? Take an effin chance will you"


Is this from the Onion or the Babylon Bee? This has to be a joke.


There are hilarious! These and other people like them should avoid a dangerous State like Colorado. Stay on the interstate until you reach a safe State with plenty of fast food places and paved pathways with refreshment stands.


Most of those reviews are idiotic, why are you going up to Pikes Peak if you are scared of the cliffs and driving down. It is reviews like that that just make no sense.

I made the drive up and enjoyed the scenery but had to focus more on the driving. If you burn out a clutch, that tells me you don’t know how to drive or the clutch was significantly worn to start with.. The part about no alcoholic beverages in Garden of the Gods; if you are so dependent upon alcohol to have a good time, you have a problem.

The little bit of Colorado I got to see was amazing.


Wow. Yes, PLEASE stay away from our dangerous state. Also WY and UT because there are the same things, AND WILD ANIMALS there too. WILD does mean WILD. They WILL eat you.


I thought the story was about the comment / sign-in sheets on top of most of the peaks.


Yeah, Colorado is terrible. Don't come here. Go to Utah.


Good, please post more like this. Ignorance helps us locals keep the out of staters away.

But also people National Parks aren't amusement parks, there's no guard rails because we aren't dumb enough to get close to the side and there's no food stands or fast food because it's a god da*m national park, not Disney land. Go back to your man made parks if you don't like it here.

Bobby 719

Sand at a National Park with ‘Sand’ in the name?! OUTRAGEOUS! Yes, Colorado sucks; you should all stay in Texas…

Be a Man

Don't come to Colorado. We have mountains.....weird.


No joke. Goodbye out-of-staters. We won't miss ya lol


There continue to be people who get out of their cars to get up close and personal with bison, elk, moose, to get that shot. These are those people. They do best in places like Disney World.


Please go back to the full service resorts you came from.


Must be all flatlanders then! I didn't see where anyone mentioned where they were from either! I am from East Coast and I love not only the water especially Santa Monica Pier, Point Mugu in sunny California, but Santa Barbara and a lot of other states Utah, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Florida, and so may of our countries other states, Love the mountains and so much of GOD creations! How can people complain when we have such a beautiful free country to roam around in!? I know lots of people who have never traveled away from the city or town where they live and they have no idea what is out there either! They live vicariously through pictures and others who are happy to share where they have been! It is a huge world and yet small when we exchange with others where we were born and brought up! I am prone to asking where some one is from, be it here or across the country and believe it or not some come from my hometown of Cortland/Solon, NY! You just never know and it is fun finding out by asking these questions no matter what people think about asking them! I have never been told it is none of my business either!

Once when we lived in Phoenix for a short time we were at a stop light and a jeep pulled up next to us from NY and I asked where and he said, you probably do not know where it is but, Syracuse, N Y and I replied I have family in Nedrow, so he knew I did! It is an Indian Reservation on Southside of there! He said okay, you do know! Jess


These comments are near funny, show how silly people are and they all need to stay home and not leave, ever. hahahaha... lived here near 75 years and haven't fallen off a cliff yet.


Ok, user names like Breck Bear make me wonder if some of these reviews are by Coloradans trying to scare away crowds...


Wow! Maybe research where you are going before heading out! No worries....keep complaining so we don't have so many tourists. Shrug!


These are the sorts of tourists that serve a higher purpose: keep others like themselves away from Colorado. I give their low ratings 5 stars!


Some of these reviews have to be jokes. I mean come on, you're complaining because sand got everywhere at the Great Sand Dunes?!? There were too many mountains in Rocky Mountain National Park?!? I gotta believe these were find just for fun...


I have a neighbor with a bumper sticker that reads “Moab Sucks. Tell Your Friends.”

The tourist comments seem to mostly have the same idea.


RIP- I now if you are going to the Sand Dunes doesn't it imply a lot of SAND people! Just as it implies too, Mountains! Have you never heard of Mountains before?

What did you think these places meant? It's like going to a Casino as in Cripple Creek, did you never hear about Casinos before? Look something up before you go so yoU will know what they are and why they are there before you go them!! Look them up

before on a computer if you never heard of these things! This way you will not be ignorant before hand! Just saying don't look like an idiot for heaven's sake! Jess


Oh my goodness! One should educate themselves before visiting these places.4

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