As promised, a “bomb cyclone” is delivering strong winds and precipitation along the Front Range, stretching from Colorado Springs to Denver and beyond. Visibility is extremely low, a key contributing factor in many accidents that are occurring on roadways. Sections of roads that are elevated, Monument Hill for instance, have proven problematic.

Several key closures include I-24 from Falcon to I-70, as well as La Veta Pass. I-70 has also faced several safety closures throughout the day due to the number of cars spinning out.

I-25 is backed up with several bad accidents on the road.

Expect this storm to intensify as the days goes on. Heavy precipitation is expected to continue, with temperatures dropping below freezing around 2PM in Colorado Springs and around 1PM in Denver. Colder temperatures are expected to be problematic.

For the most up-t0-date information about closures, check out the Colorado DOT Twitter page.

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