You can always tell which skiers grew up on the East Coast. Icy, sub-par conditions? They’ve got this. Duct tape holding a windbreaker together? This “Classic” skier’s straight skis and rear-entry boots won’t be far behind. Brand new gear with three Go Pros mounted on his body? You’ve found the “Go Pro Hero”. Northeasterners have a particular steeze they bring to the Colorado ski slopes, and they’re completely unapologetic for their hot dogging style. Don’t be afraid of this crew’s intensity—they love to ski just as much as you do.

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1. “The Olympian”

Ski Racer Photo Credit Jon Wick - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Jon Wick.

These skiers grew up racing on East Coast ice, and they can’t break the hard-edging habit. They ski fast and hard and crash even harder in powder.

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2. “Baby Ski Racer”

Young Slalom Skier - OutThere Colorado

When a six-year old has better technique than you… These hard-carving tykes often sport a collection of East Coast ski resort stickers on their helmets.

3. “The Bostonian”

Sam Adams Photo Credit Phil Dubois - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Phil Dubois.

It’s a Sam Adams or nothing. These transplants could care less that Colorado is the microbrew capital of the United States. They’re unimpressed with IPAs, brown ales, and Belgians, and they probably don’t know the difference. But they also really don’t care as long as they can find a Boston lager.

4. “The Hardy Vermonter”

T-Shirt Skier - OutThere Colorado

Colorado cold ain’t got nothin’ on a Vermont winter. If you spot a skier with a t-shirt, ski pants with holes, and a beanie flying halfway off, you’ve found the Hardy Vermonter.

5. “The CEO”

Skier with Cell Phone - OutThere Colorado

Most often spotted smack in the middle of a black diamond bump run on their cell phone. “Finally found a signal!” they’ll shout as other riders duck and dodge to avoid them on the trail.

6. “The Highly Caffeinated”

Lift Line - OutThere Colorado

Lift lines are the worst things that ever happened on a ski mountain to this bunch. They’re the ones that inch forward on the backs of the skis of the person in front of them to make sure that no one beats them to the chair.

7. “The Classic”

Classic Skier - OutThere Colorado

If the 90’s gear fits, you’re probably riding up the lift with this East Coast transplant. Goggles scratched to oblivion, duct tape over holes in the jacket, and straight skis with rear-entry boots—don’t care as long as they can still slide down the mountain.

8. “The Go Pro Hero”

Go Pro Camera - OutThere Colorado
Go Pro camera with harness.

They ski for the gear, and for the highlight reel they’ll inevitably put together after their vacation. They expect copious amounts of Facebook likes.

9. “The Ex-Pat”

Group of Skiers - OutThere Colorado

This 50-year old plus crowd lived out here in the ‘80s and is now back to relive their glory days. They may end up on a run they could handle in their youth, but now exceeds their skill and fitness level. These guys will go hard on their first day with big lines, midday bloody marys, and bar hopping, but that’ll soon drop off as the sore muscles set in later in the week.


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