Coloradans come in all shapes and sizes, each having their own personal motivation for why they so passionately call the beautiful state of Colorado home. Whether it’s someone whose family raised them here or someone who moved halfway across the country so that they could ski a little more, it’s hard to ignore how diverse the makeup of the Centennial State is. Here’s a quick list of a few of the most noticeable inhabitants that frequent these parts.

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1. The Native

You never really have to try to spot this group of Coloradans, because they’ll usually just tell you right off the bat. Whether it’s a bumper sticker on their car, a proud mention within the first few minutes of conversation, or just their inherent coolness, those who have called Colorado home for their entire life are a special breed. While some might be a bit salty that so many new residents are headed to the Centennial State, many are more than happy to share their radical homeland with new outdoor enthusiasts. Just take care of their state, and they’ll point you to all of the coolest spots.

2. The Transplant

Transplant - Ken Lund - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Ken Lund.

This is a rapidly growing population in Colorado, as it’s starting to seem like no one living in the Centennial State was actually born here. Transplants tend to head to Colorado for all sorts of reasons, and most stay for the beautiful landscape. This is one group that’s sure to be around for quite some time.

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3. The Ski Bum

Ski Bummmm - Ruth and Dave - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Ruth and Dave.

Think of a ski town like a college town. Each winter, tons of seasonal employees head to the mountains to spend their days working low paying jobs and hitting the slopes. They’re willing to pay high rent and live in a remote location all for first dibs on powder days, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

4. That Insanely Fit Old Dude

Fit Old Dude - Nirvanaphoto - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Nirvanaphoto.

We all know this guy. The senior citizen that blasts past you on your favorite trail with calf muscles that seem like they might pop at any moment. He’s put in the work to stay physically fit and healthy throughout his life so that he can still be active in his later years. This type of Coloradan is one of the most respected around.

5. The Craft Brew Enthusiast

Craft Beer Lovers - OutThere Colorado

People outside of Colorado might mistake this guy for a hipster, but he’s not. He just really loves great beer. Opting to spend his time in craft breweries over nightclubs, the craft beer enthusiast has picked one of the best places in the world to pursue his hobby, as Colorado is home to over 200 breweries with more popping up every month.

6. The City Slicker

City Slickers - OutThere Colorado

This Coloradan gets perpetually stuck in Denver, rarely finding the time to escape into the mountains. Sure, when they came to Colorado they planned on being super active, but sometimes Denver just doesn’t really cater to that lifestyle. Who wants to be stuck on I-70 in traffic on their day off when they could be happy hour hopping with local singles?

7. The Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warriors - OutThere Colorado
Traffic swells near Idaho Springs, Colorado.

Driving seems to be what occupies most of the weekend warriors’ spare time. Their life consists of mini-trips during their days off to beautiful places that make all of their out-of-state friends jealous on social media. Whether they’re skiing, biking, or hiking, the weekend warrior will never stop doing what they love.

8. The Practically Missing

Rural Colorado - OutThere Colorado

Colorado has some pretty remote locations around the state. So remote that some homes don’t even have access to running water or power. But that’s the life some people prefer. Out in the middle of stunning landscapes with no one to bother them as they go about living a life of peace.

9. The Local

Locals - Charles Roach - OutThere Colorado
Locals hanging out at BONEZ in Crested Butte, Colorado. Photo Credit: Charles Roach.

Setting up shop in one of the many small towns around Colorado, the local has a certain vibe that earns them a spot on our list. Often sassy but down-to-earth, the local will have some of the coolest hobbies around and is always one of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. Whether they’re backcountry skiing in avalanche-prone terrain or waking up at the crack of dawn to run up their favorite 14er, the local has truly conquered this great state.

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