Are you looking for something to do at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs? This destination is an adventurer’s paradise full of scenic beauty and natural wonders. With so many things to do and see throughout the park, it can be difficult to narrow down a list of activities to enjoy. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite attractions to explore when visiting this iconic destination.

1. Take a Scenic Drive Through the Park

Begin your Garden of the Gods experience with a scenic drive through the park. There are plenty of pull-off spots along the way where you can enjoy breathtaking views and snap the perfect Instagram photo of your Colorado adventure. For additional information, pick up a trail map at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center just across the street from the park’s main entrance.

2. Discover Outdoor Recreation

Discover the abundance of outdoor recreational activities the park has to offer including mountain biking, trail running, and even rock climbing. From family-friendly adventures to countless hiking trails and adrenaline-laced climbs, you’re guaranteed to have a blast – no matter what the season!

Garden of the Gods Rock Climber, Photo Credit: devonanne (iStock).

3. Hit The Trails For Picturesque Scenery

If you love exploring the beauty of the great outdoors, there are plenty of hiking trails to check out at Garden of the Gods. Hiking trails to add to your bucket list include the Perkins Central Garden Trail (1.5 miles), Susan G. Bretag Trail and Palmer Trail Loop, and Buckskin Charlie Trail Loop. While the park is open all year round, the best time to visit is from May to October.

4. Grab Amazing Views with a Scenic Jeep Tour

Explore all the natural wonders of Garden of the Gods with a guided jeep tour. Tours include a narrated look into the history of the park, a scenic journey to balanced rock, and even short-line off-roading excursions. Electric bike rentals, open-air trolleys, and Segway tours are also available within the park.

5. Find The Perfect Picnic Spot

At Garden of the Gods, there are plenty of spots to set up a picnic for families and friends to enjoy. Relax after a long and invigorating hike while soaking in the gorgeous scenery of the jagged red rock formations and vast mountain sky.

Garden of the Gods, Photo Credit: SWKrullImaging (iStock).
Garden of the Gods, Photo Credit: SWKrullImaging (iStock).

6. Take to the Trails for a Horseback Riding Adventure

Take a tour of the park by horseback, exploring the beauty of the trails and catching breathtaking views of Pikes Peak. This is a fun experience for all ages – no matter your experience level. For more information on horseback riding at Garden of the Gods, click here.

7. Spot Wildlife On the Trails

From bighorn sheep to mule deer and bear, Garden of the Gods is home to an amazing array of wildlife. The best hiking trails to catch a glimpse of wildlife include Upper Loop Trails, Palmer Trail and Central Garden Loop, and the Siamese Twins Loop Trail. Just remember to always view and photograph wildlife from a safe distance. One trick is to cover your thumb with the animal. If you can’t cover a raised thumb completely at the end of your extended arm, you’re probably too close.

Photo Credit: pilgrims49 (iStock).
Photo Credit: pilgrims49 (iStock).

8. Express Your Inner Artist

This spot is one of the best in Colorado Springs when it comes to fueling your creative spirit. Set up your easel overlooking the diverse and beautiful landscape of Garden of the Gods for a mountain-inspired painting.

9. Capture The Beauty of Colorado By Camera

Whether you’re an experienced photograph or just getting started, Garden of the Gods offers the perfect landscape for taking stunning landscape photographs. Pack your camera for beautiful sunset captures, wildlife shootings, and mountain views unlike no other. Grab some inspiration from these amazing Colorado photographers!

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