Driving during the winter months is no joke. If you’re not prepared properly for snow and ice, a bad situation spawned by an accident can quickly get worse. Thankfully, by keeping a few items in your trunk, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re more ready to face the elements than the average driver. We’ve made a list of suggestions to get you started.

1. Kitty Litter

Trunk Items - OutThere Colorado
Kitty litter can be great for traction.

This one might sound a little strange, but in a snowy driving situation kitty litter can actually be one of the most essential items. It can be used to establish traction beneath spinning tires under a stuck car. Sand can also be used in a similar fashion, though it’s really easier to just grab a bag of kitty litter and move on.

2. Collapsible Shovel

Trunk Items - Spencer McKee - OutThere Colorado
The DMOS Stealth, a collapsible shovel that’s perfect for keeping in the trunk. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.

Another item that’s perfect for getting a stuck car unstuck is a shovel.By finding one that’s sturdy, but collapsible, like the DMOS Stealth, you can keep it in your trunk year round without taking up too much space.

3. Ice Scraper

Trunk Items - OutThere Colorado
Getting ice off the windshield is much quicker with a scraper.

This one might be common sense, but it can’t be left off the list. No one wants to be stuck waiting for defrosters to start working. Another quick trick to de-ice quickly is to use a little rubbing alcohol. This will make it melt away.

4. Bottled Water

Trunk Items - OutThere Colorado
It’s always good to have plenty of water on hand.

In the event that you get stranded on a remote road, you’ll need to stay hydrated until you’re able to find help. Throw a case of bottled water in your trunk during the winter season to make sure you’ll always have access to the fluids you need. If you’re worried about it freezing, flip the case over so that the opening is touching the bottom of your trunk. Ice forms first where air is touching the water in the bottle. The water might still completely freeze, but this will have the drinkable portion freezing last.

5. Non-Perishable Food

Trunk Items - OutThere Colorado
Nuts make for a great trunk snack.

Energy bars, beef jerky, and trail mix can be great to keep in your trunk in the event that you’re in dire need of some sustenance. These foods have a long shelf life, are enjoyable to eat, and will give you the calories needed to survive.

6. Blankets

Trunk Items - OutThere Colorado
Blankets are great for staying warm while stranded.

Keeping blankets or a sleeping bag in your trunk can be essential for keeping warm in the event that you get stranded without help. Whether you run out of gas or slide off the road, you’ll be much happier with a little help fighting the cold weather off.

7. First-Aid Kit

Trunk Items - OutThere Colorado
You never know when you’ll need a first-aid kit.

Lots of accidents occur during the winter season due to the unpredictable nature of the roadways in snow and ice prone areas. You’ll never know when a first-aid kit will be needed, whether it’s being used on you or someone else.

8. Flashlight with Spare Batteries

Trunk Items - OutThere Colorado
Flashlights and headlamps make it easier to operate during a cold winter night.

If you’ve ever been on a remote road late at night, you know how dark things can get. You’ll be thankful the only light you’ve got isn’t on your dying phone in a dire situation.

*This article was sponsored by DMOS Collective. For more information about their portable snow shovels, check out their website. If you’re interested in learning more about their newest product, the Alpha shovel, a larger model than our Stealth, check out their Indiegogo page.

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