The OutThere Colorado crew had so much fun at our first Outdoor Retailer experience. We got to try some sweet new gear on Demo Day at Solitude Mountain Resort and met countless industry professionals on the show floor throughout the week. What struck us most about OR was that those who had chosen to make the trip to Salt Lake City were just so excited to be there. Part of it was the nature of the outdoor industry (as the host said over the loud speaker one morning, “if you get stressed, just remember, you could be at an insurance convention”) and part of it was that people had this common passion for the outdoors and for giving people the tools to enjoy their adventures to the fullest.

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One of the tenets of OutThere Colorado is the goal of making the outdoors accessible and relatable. As we approach each new film or article project, we ask ourselves, “What story can we tell about this particular experience that will most resonate with our readers?” Here’s a list of some of our favorite gear we encountered throughout the week that is doing just that — making the outdoors more accessible.

1. Crescent Moon Snowshoes

Crescent Moon Snowshoes - OutThere Colorado
Crescent Moon Snowshoes.

It’s no secret why Boulder, Colorado based Crescent Moon Snowshoes won two major Outdoor Retailer awards this year: this innovative lightweight, flexible design is perfect for all ages and types of recreation.

2. YakTrax Pro

YakTrax Pro - OutThere Colorado
YakTrax Pro series.

Whether you’re deep into your trail running regimen or just need a little extra traction while digging out your car, the spikeless, skid lock coil system on the YakTrax Pro series will give you better traction, stability, and safety on icy or snow packed conditions.

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3. Alpina InTemp Boot Liners

Alpine InTemp Boot Liner - OutThere Colorado
Alpina InTemp Boot Liner.

If you’re like me and chilly toes really put a damper on your ski day, the Alpina InTemp ski boot liner is a godsend. The fully integrated and rechargeable heating system will keep your feet warm all day.

4. DPS Skis

dps skis - OutThere Colorado
The DPS ski tent on Demo Day at Solitude Mountain Resort.

While the price of Salt Lake City-based DPS skis is not accessible to the average skier, the innovation design of their carbon fiber planks is perfect for the hard carver looking to make the transition to powder skiing (read: some of the best all mountain skis you’ll find on the market).

5. DrinkTanks Juggernaut Beer Growler

DrinkTanks - OutThere Colorado
DrinkTanks Juggernaut Beer Growler and Personal Keg.

The stylish DrinkTanks beer growlers and personal kegs are perfect for your next camping trip. Save room in your cooler by packing your beer and carbonated drinks in one of these for insulated beverage storage.

6. Oofos Recovery Flip Flops

Oofos - OutThere Colorado
Oofos recovery footwear.

While I certainly am no foot model, my feet were totally loving these Oofos flip flops. The recovery footwear is designed to absorb impact so they’re perfect after a hike, a long ski day, a triathlon, or a day spent exploring a new city.

7. Fashion Meets Function at Fjallraven and Native Shoes

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack - OutThere Colorado
Fjallraven Kanken backpack.

There was a huge emphasis across brands of a marriage between fashion and function. Fjallraven, the iconic Swedish outdoor brand known for long-lasting, environmentally friendly outerwear, showed off their popular Kanken backpack.

Native Shoes - OutThere Colorado
Native Shoes.

Native shoes is taking their urban street shoes to the park with recreation-inspired designs for the weekend warrior and passionate outdoors city dweller.

8. Slide in Style with Airheads and Hamboards

Airheads - OutThere Colorado
Airheads snow tubes and tobaggans.

Brands also definitely looked to emphasize fun in the outdoors this year. Airheads blow up snow tubes and tobaggans are for the kid in all of us, and Hamboards modified their longboard with ski-shaped runners for racing down snowy hills.

Hamboards - OutThere Colorado

[BONUS] People of Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2017

The outdoor industry is all about building a community of people dedicated to recreation, fun, and adventure. Here are a few of those folks spotted at Outdoor Retailer this year.

Camelback coffee - OutThere Colorado
Camelback served coffee through the week at their booth.
Mizu - OutThere Colorado
The Mizu booth hands out shots to kick off Happy Hour.
Adaptive Adventures - OutThere Colorado
Chris Wiegand of Denver’s Adaptive Adventures.
Hectic Hobo Native Eyewear - OutThere Colorado
Hectic Hobo serenades guests at Native Eyewear.

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