With mountains, lakes, and hiking trails just minutes away from home, it’s no surprise that Coloradans are known for their love of the great outdoors. Accessing these outdoor locations, however, often requires both effort and training. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of eight heart-racing workouts in some of the most picturesque parts of the state so that you can add a little adventure into your workout routine.

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Red Rocks - daveynin - OutThere Colorado
Runners flood Red Rocks Amphitheatre on a Saturday. Photo Credit: daveynin.

1. Red Rocks Amphitheatre Stair Challenge

If hiking up the steps of this world-renowned venue during last week’s concert wasn’t enough, head back over to the amphitheater before a show to climb the 380 stairs leading from the lower parking lot to the top of the venue. Situated at 6,400 feet in elevation, this challenging workout in Morrison, Colorado is sure to take your breath away.

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Manitou Incline - U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC) - OutThere Colorado
The Manitou Incline is a popular place for endurance athletes to train. Photo Credit: U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command (SMDC)

2. The Manitou Incline

For a killer cardio workout, the Manitou Incline boasts a 2,744-step climb and gains 2,000 feet of elevation in less than a mile. Bring plenty of water—this trail is considered one of the most strenuous hikes in the world!

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Eagles Peak - @kathleenhoward04 - OutThere Colorado
Eagles Peak Trail in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Photo Credit: @kathleenhoward04 (Instagram)

3. Eagles Peak Trail

For a more secluded experience, the Eagles Peak Trail near The United States Air Force Academy features a 3.6-mile round-trip hike with a 2,100-foot change in elevation. Steep cliff drop-offs surround this challenging trail, and boulder hopping in certain sections is not uncommon.

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Capitol Peak - @tiffmead13 - OutThere Colorado
The “Knife’s Edge” portion of Capitol Peak is known for its exposure. Photo Credit: @tiffmead13 (Instagram)

4. Summit Capitol Peak

The Capitol Peak Summit is known as one of the most difficult fourteeners in Colorado. If you’re looking to push your limits, try the 18-mile round trip hike to the top of the summit at 14,130 feet.

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Arkansas River - pthread1981 - OutThere Colorado
White-water rafting is a popular sport on the Arkansas River. Photo Credit: pthread1981.

5. The Pine Creek/Numbers Trip on the Arkansas River

The Arkansas River offers plenty of rafting opportunities, but The Pine Creek and The Numbers are by far the most heart racing sections of the river. This advanced, high-intensity rafting experience can last anywhere from 6-8 hours.

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Dillon Reservoir - @gleezysteez - OutThere Colorado
Stand-up paddle-boarding might look peaceful, but it’s a great core workout. Photo Credit: @gleezysteez (Instagram)

6. Stand Up Paddling on Dillon Reservoir

At an elevation of over 9,000 feet, the Dillon Reservoir is no stranger to the ever-changing mountain climate. High winds, sudden drops in temperature, and unexpected snowfall take a leisurely paddle boarding experience to the next level.

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Kokopelli Trail - @howlingfauna - OutThere Colorado
Mountain bikers travel from far and wide to try out the Kokopelli Trail. Photo Credit: @howlingfauna (Instagram)

7. The Kokopelli Trail

Fruita, CO has biking trails for all levels of experience, but at 140 miles, the Kokopelli Trail is by far the most intense. Sandy troughs, mountainous terrain, and a 4,000-foot elevation gain are just a few of the challenges you can expect from this scenic ride.

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Highland bowl - @stevemadgy - OutThere Colorado
A skier hikes to the top of Highland Bowl. Photo Credit: @stevemadgy (Instagram).

8. The Highland Bowl Ski Run

Located at the Aspen Highlands ski resort, the 4,450-foot vertical descent known as The Highland Bowl has earned the title of one of the most arduous ski runs in Colorado. And the run is only accessible after a 45 minute hike to the summit.

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