There’s nothing quite like eating an apple right off the tree or a strawberry fresh cut from the vine. During the summer and fall, Colorado’s farmers’ markets are flooded with delicious fresh fruit, but if you have the urge to spend a day picking your own (and eating the literal fruits of your own labor), then check out these seven great orchards and farms.

1. Ya Ya Farm & Orchard

This Longmont farm is a great spot for families, with apple picking, snacks like apple cider and fresh apple doughnuts. There’s even a menagerie of farm animals, including draft horses, turkeys, and peacocks. Reservations are required and should be made well in advance.

2. Berry Patch Farm CSA and Pick Your Own

Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are just a few of the delicious treats you’ll find at this farm in Brighton. Berry Patch Farm provides containers and scissors, and asks its guests to wear closed toed shoes and hats or sunscreen.

3. Happy Apple Farm

It’s called Happy Apple, but it offers so much more than just one type of fruit. Guests at this lovely farm in Penrose will find apples, blackberries, strawberries, pumpkins, and much more available for picking. The farm also offers hayrides, delicious fresh made sandwiches and foods, and a country store with jams and other farm products.

4. Orchard Valley Farms & Market

Orchard Valley Farms has everything available for picking, from peaches and cherries to tomatoes and fresh herbs. Visitors can also enjoy a glass of delicious wine made from the grapes on the property at the adjoining Black Bridge Winery.

5. Delicious Orchards

Picking apples, peaches, plums, and cherries at Delicious Orchards is a full experience, and you’ll go home with not only fruit, but also some of the amazing products they create at their Hotchkiss farm, such as juices, hard ciders, and vinegars.

6. Fruit Basket Orchards

Fruit Basket Orchards in Grand Junction grows a little bit of everything: apples, berries, peaches, plums, cherries, grapes, pears, and much more. You can stop in on the weekends when they are in season, or call to make an appointment during the week.

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