Rocky Mountain Oysters are a famous Colorado delicacy that may be surprising for the uninitiated. These “oysters” are no seafood; instead, be prepared to try some delicious calf, bull, or bison testicles at one of these famous Colorado restaurants.

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1. The Fort – Morrison, Colorado

The Rocky Mountain Oysters at The Fort are sliced before breading is added in the fryer. Check out the famous sweet chile-caper sauce along with these breaded delicacies.

2. Willy’s Wings – Morrison, Colorado

One of the best places for a first-time Rocky Mountain Oyster experience. Willy’s Wings also slices their “oysters” thinly and applies layers of breading… almost enough to hide the taste of the meat underneath!

3. The Buckhorn Exchange – Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain oysters come as an appetizer at The Buckhorn Exchange. These treats are served with sides of cocktail sauce and peppercorn-horseradish sauce. Be sure to bring friends along as the appetizer is designed to be shared by four guests.

4. Bruce’s Bar – Severance, Colorado

Bruce’s Bar serves Rocky Mountain oysters, or “prairie oysters” with a house cocktail sauce. One delicacy here is the “Black Hills oysters”, which is bison testicles instead of the traditional bull testicles.

5. Coor’s Field – Denver, Colorado

Stand 144 at Coor’s Field, the stadium of the Colorado Rockies, has been serving Rocky Mountain oysters since 1994. Visiting fans should be sure to check out this local delicacy while taking in a ball game!

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6. Timberline Steaks & Grill – Denver International Airport

For those looking for a quick Rocky Mountain Oyster fix while waiting to catch a plane, Timberline Steaks & Grill offers some of these local delicacies along with a special pub sauce.

7. Wynkoop Brewery – Colorado Wide

Although not Rocky Mountain Oysters themselves, Coloradans can try a variation on the local dish by trying Wynkoop Brewery’s Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. This beer recipe includes 25 pounds of bull testicles per eight barrel brew.

8. Handlebars – Silverton, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Oysters in Silverton
Rocky Mountain Oysters at Handlebars in Silverton. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee

If you happen to find yourself in Silverton, Colorado, swing by Handlebars for some classic Colorado cuisine and beyond. The menu at this place is huge, but all of the food we’ve had there is delicious. Included on that menu – Rocky Mountain Oysters, and these are some big deep-fried slices.

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