If you’re as obsessed as we are with getting out there and exploring, you know the importance of protecting your feet. After all, they’re responsible for taking you everywhere you want to go. Here are a few products we like that can be used to speed recovery, protect, and strengthen your feet to prevent injuries that might keep you off the trail.

1. Oofos Recovery Flip Flops

Whether you’re typically found climbing mountains, skiing slopes, or just walking around your neighborhood, you probably know what it feels like to have sore feet. One product that can help with the recovery time of this type of pain are OOFOS Flip Flops. They’re made of a comfortable, shock absorbing foam that can compress 37% more than typical footwear. Not only does this help with sore feet, it also provides relief for your knees and back, decreasing the amount of time you need to recover. Their footwear also has a patented footbed designed to deliver a ton of arch support. You’re sure to love this footwear as much as we do.

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2. Darn Tough Socks

Built to be durable, Darn Tough socks won’t lose their integrity during extended periods of use, making them perfect for long hikes and backpacking. As an added bonus, they’re built with comfort in mind, ensuring that they’ll keep your feet feeling good while you’re doing what you love. Plus, their products have an unconditional lifetime guarantee. If for some reason you’re not satisfied, just send them back for a brand new pair.

3. Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights

Tired of constantly having to point your headlamp at the ground as you’re stumbling around a dark campsite? Night Runner 270° shoe lights are the solution you’re looking for. Originally made for runners, they’re also great for hiking and camping, illuminating exactly where you’re putting your foot on the ground. The lights also have  a visibility of up to 30 meters.

4. XTRATUF Riptides

If you’re in a wet situation, whether you’re kayaking or boating, you’ll need shoes that protect your feet and won’t slip on rocks. Traditional boat shoes don’t slip, but they also don’t breathe well. Traditional water shoes drain easily, but don’t offer much style or support. Fortunately there’s a middle ground. The XTRATUF Riptide is the perfect blend of style and support, sure to protect your feet while you’re looking for a slippery foothold beneath moving water.

5. SealSkinz

If you’ve ever had your feet get wet on a hike, you know how miserable this can be. Not only can this cause blisters and sores, it’s just downright uncomfortable. The solution might be in your socks. A company called SealSkinz make socks that are completely waterproof, utilizing the hides of baby seals…not really, but it feels like it. Comfortable and sure to keep you dry regardless of the moisture around them, a pair of these waterproof socks should be in every outdoorsy person’s wardrobe.

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6. Marbles

This one might sound a little crazy, but marbles can actually really help to strengthen the facia under your foot to prevent plantar fasciitis and other future injuries. You can find work-out techniques online, but you’ll essentially be using your toes to pick up marbles and put them in a bowl.

7. Massage Ball

There’s a ton of brands that sell these, meaning you can find them for pretty cheap. One we’d recommend is the Foot Rubz model. When used properly a hard ball rubbed on the foot will provide plantar fasciitis relief, often improving your recovery time for sore feet or an injury.

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