Now that it’s been legal to buy a drink in America for close to 90 consecutive years, some people feel like they missed out on the fun of sneaking around to partake in public during the prohibition era. If you want to feel like you’ve been transported back in time to the days when selling alcohol was punishable with prison time, try out these mysterious Colorado speakeasies. 

1. Brooklyn’s on Boulder (Colorado Springs)

Brooklyn’s cocktails. Photo courtesy of Lee Spirits.

Located in downtown Colorado Springs, this haberdashery offers a choice collection of hats and ties for the fashion-forward customer. If you’re looking for something a little stronger, you’ll find a large selection of creative cocktails behind closed doors, made with Lee Spirits gin distilled in-house. The warm, elegant interior and skilled bartenders make this speakeasy a great spot for special occasions. If you’re really looking to make somebody’s night, buy them the $100 drink-of-a-lifetime dubbed the “Elon Musk.”

2.Williams and Graham (Denver)

Step into this corner bookstore on Denver’s Tejon street. Behind a trick bookcase, you’ll find a clandestine cocktail bar. Order a classic drink that’s stood the test of time or ask the bartender for a custom-made cocktail to suit your specific taste. If you’re feeling peckish, try something from a menu featuring a mix of tried-and-true classics and creative seasonal dishes. 

3. Phelanies (Montrose)

Venture down a back alley in the small Western Slope city of Montrose to access this speakeasy. They won’t let you in without the password… which you can find it on their Facebook page or by asking a server at the nearby Horsefly Brewing Company. Take a journey back in time with their classic gin and whiskey cocktails or choose from their selection of post-prohibition wine and beer on tap. It’s a true local gem. 

4. The Bookcase and Barber (Durango)

Get a straight razor shave. Photo courtesy of ShutterFreek.

Stop in for a classic haircut and a straight razor shave at this historic bookstore turned barber shop. Once you’re looking sharp, you might want to peek behind the bookcase where you’ll find a cozy bar space and a selection of drinks named after iconic books and authors. You’ll need to find out the password to get in (We won’t tell you, but you might find it on their social media).

5. Social (Fort Collins)

Beside an inconspicuous street clock in downtown Fort Collins, you’ll find a secluded stairway leading down into this underground speakeasy. Try a classic prohibition-era cocktail or choose a more modern option from their menu, featuring seasonal and daily specials.  Every December 5, stop by in full roarin’ twenties garb to celebrate the end of prohibition.

6. Allusion (Colorado Springs)

A hot bowl of noodles isn’t all you’ll find at downtown Colorado Springs’ Rooster’s House of Ramen. Behind an inconspicuous door in the back lies Colorado Springs’ most unorthodox speakeasy. Allusion cocktail bar provides a “pop-up” experience, rotating the theme of their decor and their menu every couple of months. At time of publishing, it’s Star Wars themed.

7. Golden Moon Speakeasy (Golden)

Located in Golden, Colorado, the Golden Moon Speakeasy bills itself as a “cocktail lounge and distillery tasting room.” Though it’s not too hard to find, patrons of this establishment can enjoy very creative cocktails like the “Sting,” which consists of Apple Jack, créme de menthe, almond milk, toasted coconut, and Mexican chocolate bitters. They’ve also got a number of small plates, snacks, and charcuterie options, including a Spanish Charcuterie board complete with Ibérico ham and manchego. Stop by on a night with live music for an extra thrill.

BONUS: The Archives (Colorado Springs)

Less secretive than most on this list, The Archives in downtown Colorado Springs is located beneath Colorado Craft on Tejon Street. The easiest way to access this dimly lit cocktail lounge is via a back alley door that takes you down the stairs, past the kitchen, and into a candle lit setting. There’s no password to know and there’s a sign pointing you in the right direction, but the old-school vibe of this bar earns it a spot on our “speakeasy” list. Find happy hour specials, creative cocktails, and more.

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