Few things make a dog happier than a day spent outside with the owner they love. Unfortunately, not all trails are dog friendly, so it’s sometimes hard to find a place for your pup to get some fresh air, especially in a city. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our 6 favorite dog parks and off-leash areas in Colorado Springs.

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1. Red Rock Canyon Open Space Off-Leash Area

Featuring two trails and plenty of space for the pups to run, the off-leash area at Red Rock Canyon Open Space is only a short hike away from the front parking lot. It’s also got great views of Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. While this space isn’t fully enclosed, the loops that it offers do feel secluded. Just keep an eye out for hikers and bikers cutting through to other trails. Another big perk when it comes to this location are the many trails in the nearby area that are dog-friendly, as long as they’re leashed.

2. Palmer Park Off-Leash Area

Another Colorado Springs open space area that provides plenty of room for dogs to exercise is the Palmer Park Off-Leash Area. This designated area is on a mesa at the top of the park, filled with tons of wide open trails, many of which deliver great views of Colorado Springs below. It’s basically just a giant dog park without the fences.

3. Palmer Park Dog Park

If you’d rather not take your pup to an unfenced off-leash area, the designated dog park at Palmer Park is fully enclosed. It’s basically an open field that allows plenty of opportunity for socialization and playtime with other dogs. If you’re headed to Palmer Park, stop here first for some social time and then head up to the off-leash area for the real exercise.

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4. Garden of the Gods Off-Leash Area

East of the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site and next to the Garden of the Gods Park, this off-leash area is great for some play time with a view. It’s perfect for games like fetch, and it’s close to Garden of the Gods Park, a space that allows dogs on trails, as long as they’re leashed. However, be warned that one of the borders of this off-leash area is close to a highly trafficked road.

5. Rampart Dog Park

This fenced dog park is great for training with agility obstacles built into the play space. It often sees fewer crowds than other fenced areas in the Springs, so Rampart Dog Park is definitely worth checking out.

6. Bear Creek Dog Park

The most famous dog park in the area, Bear Creek Dog Park is hard to beat…even on a national level. With 25 fenced acres, a dedicated space for smaller dogs, and a creek for pups to play in, this spot makes exercise fun. Be warned, this park is also the most popular. If you’re bringing your canine friend here, make sure they play well with others.

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