The first step towards taking amazing pictures of a wildflower to a giant field of wildflowers, is to have the right equipment. The best setup is a DSLR with a macro lens. However, macro lenses can be pricey. A good alternate is a telephoto lens that can focus on close objects. Another sound investment is a sturdy tripod. It will allow you to frame the shot more carefully and can help in low light situations, such as sunset. Beyond equipment, here are 5 tips for photographing wildflowers in Colorado:

1. Shoot into the Sun

Back lighting brings out the colors of the petals and adds drama by showing the slight transparency of the plant.


2. Its all about the blur

Use Aperture Priority mode on your camera so that you can control the depth of field. Use a large aperture (a small number like f4) to blur the background but leave the subject in focus


3. Look for Color

4. Don’t be afraid to look down…

…or up.


5. Get Creative

There are a thousand ways to take a picture of a flower; the key is to get out there and explore. Bring your camera with you on hikes because you never know when you’ll find yourself in a beautiful meadow full of colorful flowers.

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