Vacation is the perfect time to indulge in rest, relaxation, and a luxury experience. Natural hot springs dot the Centennial State, and we’ve chosen five that stand out for their impeccable service, amenities, and stunning location. Here are five of the most luxurious hot springs in Colorado.

1. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

Complete with massages, body treatment, facials, and waxing, this luxurious Colorado hot springs facility is complete with outdoor and private hot springs pools. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa is nestled in the quaint town of Hot Sulphur Springs, which features stunning scenery and plenty of opportunity for outdoor recreation.

2. Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs are located right outside of the iconic ski town of Steamboat Springs, and the facility offers private massage huts and watsu therapy in a private pool. They also offer camping and unique cabin accommodations, including a re-modeled train caboose.

3. Dunton Hot Springs, San Juan Mountains

Dunton Hot Springs, located just on the other side of the mountains from Telluride, is a luxury resort like no other. The exclusive resort is actually a restored ghost town, complete with a saloon, five-star cuisine, and stunning scenery.

4. Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Moffat

Boasting a full spa menu and many other amenities, Joyful Journey’s hot springs are also unique for their lack of sulfur odor found in many other hot springs. Accommodations include exclusive hotel rooms, campsites, tipis, and yurts.

5. The Springs Resort & Spa, Pagosa Springs

The Springs Resort and Spa, world’s deepest geothermal hot springs features 23 mineral hot springs pools throughout the property. If you’d like to have 24 hour soaking privileges, you can stay on-site at the resort accommodations and enjoy a spa treatment from the Pahgosa Spa while you’re visiting.

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