If your hot springs trip is equally about the scenery, the luxury, and the rest and relaxation, then our beautiful state has got you covered. Here are just five of the most beautiful hot springs in Colorado.

1. Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs, Redstone

These scenic hot springs are designed around the natural landscape and rock formations of the Crystal River Valley. Avalanche Ranch’s facility, along with the spectacular views make it one of the most beautiful hot springs in Colorado.

2. Dunton Hot Springs, San Juan Mountains

Located near Telluride these hot springs offer a resort setting in a ghost town in an alpine valley. Log cabins make the setting unique and beautiful for your hot springs getaway.

3. Overlook Hot Springs & Spa, Pagosa Springs

Featuring rooftop hot tubs, this facility offers astonishing views of the areas from the best vantage point.

4. Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat Springs

Strawberry Park offers great views of the Steamboat Springs area both on the drive and from the hot springs pools. If you are looking for a rush, jump into the cold pool located inside before hoping back into the hot springs.

5. Waunita Hot Springs Ranch, Gunnison

This facility offers some fabulous views of the Gunnison area and one of the largest hot spring-fed pools in the state.

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