Whether it’s mid-ski season or midsummer, no skier can keep themselves from dreaming of powder days. While the Colorado Rocky Mountains might hit a dry spell from time to time, when it rains it pours…or…when it snows, it dumps? Here are five of our favorite Colorado powder day videos from around the state.

1. Powder Skiing Colorado Rockies – Brandon Webb

This compilation video takes place in Breckenridge and Vail during particularly snowy few days of the 2013/2014 season.

2. Super Deep Telemark Powder Skiing by Pikes Peak Colorado – Freeheelrider

You don’t see too many telemark skiing videos floating around the Internet unless you’re looking for them. Nevermind a video of someone telemarking on Pikes Peak. Can you imagine how your thighs would feel after this powder day workout?

3. Steamboat Powdercats 22 Inches – Peter Beuth

Taken during the snowy early winter of 2013 on Buffalo Pass, you’ll want to watch this “over the head” powder for hours.

4. Big Snow at Wolf Creek, Colorado – Wolf Creek

Every once in awhile, there’s so much powder you can hardly tell where you’re going. This video out of Wolf Creek captures that feeling perfectly.

5. Powder Day on Highlands – Ski Aspen

This powder isn’t quite as deep as in the other videos featured on this list…it just looks sooooo smooth that we had to include it. Aspen Highlands will always have some of the best snow days around.

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