The geologic forces that shaped Colorado left behind subterranean faults, which allow hot water to well up from deep below the surface in dozens of spots around the state. And few things are as romantic as an intimate soak in one of them. While some hot springs are more like crowded public pools, many offer quieter settings more suitable to couples. Here are a few.

1. Pagosa Hot Springs

The Springs Resort and Spa. Photo Credit: The Springs Resort and Spa - OutThere Colorado.
The Springs Resort and Spa. Photo Credit: The Springs Resort and Spa.

Yes, they have a swimming pool. But this resort about 4 hours’ drive from Colorado Springs has 23 other soaking pools along the San Juan River, ranging from tepid to almost unbearably hot, in a setting of rocks and waterfalls that feels like a theme park. In winter, you’ll feel alone even if it’s crowded, as thick steam fills the air.

2. Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Mount Princeton Hot Springs OutThere Colorado
Mt. Princeton Hot Springs. Photo Courtesy of Mount Princeton Hot Springs.

The hot springs in Chaffee County are crowded in summer, but in winter you’ll find peace and quiet in the three main pools, including one open only to overnight guests, and numerous smaller ponds along Chalk Creek.

3. Valley View Hot Springs

Valley View Hot Springs - Winter - R. Scott Rappold - OutThere Colorado
Winter at Valley View Hot Springs. Photo Credit: R. Scott Rappold.

Perhaps the most intimate place in Colorado. Clothing is optional at this rustic resort in the San Luis Valley, where you’ll find plenty of quiet time in the many natural, hike-to pools that dot the hillside.

4. Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Strawberry Hot Springs. Photo Credit: - OutThere Colorado.
Strawberry Hot Springs is one popular clothing-optional resort in Colorado, though suits are required until after dark. Photo Credit:

Seven miles north of ski town Steamboat Springs, these pools in a natural setting will tug at your heart strings and rest your weary bones after a day of skiing. You’ll need to drive a four-wheel-drive vehicle or utilize the shuttle service in winter because of snow, and it’s clothing-optional and adults-only after dark.

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