To the rejoice of snow sport enthusiasts across the state, Colorado has been getting hammered with big storms throughout the entire 2018-2019 ski season. This week will likely be no exception.

While the start of the week won’t yield much precipitation (with some exceptions), that is projected to change come Thursday.

According to, a leader in high-altitude forecasting, Thursday and Friday will bring a lot of snow, likely continuing through the weekend and into next week.

Per usual with recent storms, southern mountains are expected to be hit the hardest, possibly getting 30+ inches of snow by mid-weekend. Keep in mind that this number will likely keep growing in following days. Silverton has already said they’re anticipating 30-40 inches.

The central mountains will likely see anywhere from 15-25 inches during the same timeframe. If you really want to know where it’s landing and when, read the full report here.

In lower-altitude areas of the state, some snow is expected, though totals won’t be in the double-digits.

Colorado Springs is expected to have highs in the 50s throughout the week, with some snow possible late Saturday night/Sunday morning pending temperature. Otherwise, it’ll be rain.

Denver will be a little cooler than Colorado Springs, with snow likely on Monday morning.

Boulder is set to be quite a bit chillier than Denver, with snow possible Saturday through Monday.

On the western slope, Grand Junction will likely have quite a bit more precipitation throughout the week, starting with rain on Thursday. This may result in snow through Saturday pending temperatures. Temperatures in the Grand Junction area will likely have highs in the 40s throughout the week.




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