Settle in on your bike saddle, folks. It’s time for the two-wheeled Fort Collins brewery tour. According to Visit Fort Collins, there are 23 breweries in Fort Collins. We’ve chosen nine microbrews for you to try to get a taste of Colorado microbrew culture. Grab a bike, invite some friends, and get ready to explore the craft brew capital of Colorado.

Route 1 – New Belgium Brewery > Odell Brewing Company > Equinox Brewing

Hit the Old Town Fort Collins classics on a tour through bustling downtown.

  • New Belgium Brewery – It’s a national giant that stays local. New Belgium Brewery ranks as the 4th largest micro-brewery in the nation but remains 100% employee owned. Make this your first stop en route and carve out some time for the brewery house tour. Keep an eye out for summer events like Yoga Thirstdays and Tour De Fat.
  • Odell Brewing Company – Another big dog with a local focus, Odell has been brewing for Fort Collins residents since 1989. At this Fort Collins brewery, employees get to experiment with brewing, and visitors get to test out the new creations. The seasonal brew list never fails, and the classics keep Odell high on the list of best breweries. And bring an appetite for the killer food truck selection.
  • Equinox Brewing – A smaller venue with a dynamic beer selection, Equinox keeps the taste buds curious. Close to 100 different beers have graced the taste buds of visitors since the opening in 2010, and the selection changes every week. Make it the last stop on your route for an evening in the outdoor beer garden with live music.

Route 2 – Horse & Dragon Brewing Company > Snowbank Brewing > Funkwerks

Go extra local with these smaller, funkier, and equally crafty brew hubs.

    • Horse & Dragon Brewing Company – Feel good about sipping brews at this family-run Fort Collins brewery with real sustainability goals and tasty, tasty beer. Horse & Dragon participates in a number of organizations that help businesses achieve sustainability including EPA Green Power Partner and Climatewise. Enjoy the mountain lodge feeling of the brewery and the unique flavors of their beer selection.
    • Snowbank Brewing – The origins of Snowbank lie in the passion of an engineer who quit his day job to pursue the art of brewing. Deep-rooted in Rocky Mountain culture, the name comes from the former homebrewer’s use of snowbanks to chill down his beer after boiling. Stop by for flavors that reflect and respect the beauty of the Colorado outdoors. Plus, there’s always food trucks.
  • Funkwerks – End your tour at this quirky little setup that reigns in Belgian-style and sour beers and claims national recognition in spite of its small size. Funkwerks also specializes in Saison style beer and yard games.  Save room for the Raspberry Provincial which won a gold medal at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival.
New Belgium Brewery Taps - Fort Collins Brewery - Betsy Weber - Flickr - OutThere Colorado
Beer taps at the New Belgium Brewery. Fort Collins, Colorado. Photo Credit: Betsy Weber (Flickr).

Route 3 – Black Bottle Brewery > Maxline Brewing > Gilded Goat Brewing Company

Explore the brew scene outside of Old Town on this South Fort Collins route.

  • Black Bottle Brewery – This Fort Collins brewery keeps forty taps on site that feature a delectable selection of company brews mixed with taps from around the world. The mastermind behind Black Bottle Brewery claims the title of Fort Collins native, and he creates his own rules in the brewery business. His creative list of drinks boast names like Donkey Punch, Holy Shit Double Wit, Roll Down The Windows Dad Smoked Lager, etc. You’re in for a jolly good time at Black Bottle Brewery.
  • Maxline Brewing – Another brewery with a do-good attitude, Maxline emphasizes community and culture by volunteering at local nonprofits and farms and offers food from Fort Collins businesses. You’ll stroll into an open-air space that opens out to the sunshine patio and sip from a fine selection of brews. Not seeing quite what you like on the menu? Maxline encourages requests from visitors for new styles of beer.
  • Gilded Goat Brewing Company – This European pub-inspired brewery has an eye for experimentation. Gilded Goat brewers believe in harmonizing art and science to create the fullest flavored brews possible. While you sip, watch the artist-scientists at work from the “eye in the sky” on the second level. Don’t forget to visit the vintage photo booth for your memory souvenir!

Editor’s Note: This article is only meant for adults of legal drinking age. OutThere Colorado does not advocate or encourage the abuse of alcoholic beverages. If you purchase and consume alcohol, please do so responsibility and do not operate a vehicle if you have overindulged.

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