From beautiful mountains to bustling skylines, Colorado is one place that’s on every nature lover’s bucket list. People say they come here for winter and stay for summer… Or come for summer and stay for winter… Or they just stay. Once you’ve spent a season in this incredible state, you can’t imagine living anywhere else. There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with Colorado. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. The ridiculous amount of sunshine.

Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo Credit: I-Ting Chiang - OutThere Colorado.
Rocky Mountain National Park. Photo Credit: I-Ting Chiang

2. The big skylines.

3. The bigger mountains.

4. The world-class ski slopes.

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5. The crazy hikes.

6. The radical residents.

7. The ever-present wildlife.

8. The peculiar landscapes.

9. The natural spa sessions.


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10. The unique mountain towns.

11. The picturesque roadways.

12. The waterfalls.

13. The mountain lakes.

14. The sunsets.

Winter Park, Colorado - Photo Credit: Winter Park Resorts - OutThere Colorado
Winter Park, Colorado. Photo Credit: Winter Park Resorts.

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