Avalanche concerns were high in Colorado during a period of heavy snow that started last week and continued through the weekend. During a 3-day span from Friday to Sunday, 130 avalanche reports were added to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center’s observations section, with many parts of the state seeing upward of 30 inches of snow.

Of the 130 reports, 2 slides were reported as “D3” on the destruction scale. This scale ranks avalanches from D1 to D5, with D3 avalanches being capable of destroying cars, wood-frame homes, and breaking trees. It’s also worth noting that there were 3 “R4” avalanches. Another scale with 5 levels, an R4 is considered to be a large avalanche relative to the slide path.

Note that reports in this section can come from a number of sources, including official reports, as well as bystanders.

Avalanche risk reached a “high” level (4 of 5) this weekend, quickly dropping back to a “moderate” rating (2 of 5) in most of the state. Some parts of the state remain under “considerable” risk, a 3 of 5, including the Front Range, Vail County, and Summit County. If you’re entering the backcountry, be aware of avalanche risk as these conditions are subject to rapid change. See the most up-t0-date information here.

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