Known for its active wildlife and panoramic views, Rocky Mountain National Park is one of America’s most valued natural treasures. It attracts tourists from around the world each year, all coming to catch a glimpse of what makes Colorado so special. We’ve come up with a list of a few of our favorite fun facts about the area for you to remember during your next visit.

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Rocky Mountain National Park - I-Ting Chiang - OutThere Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Photo Credit: I-Ting Chiang.
1. The first person to pay for admission to Rocky Mountain National Park was Abner Sprague. He paid $3 in 1939.
2. Grand Lake Cemetery is the only active cemetery on National Park land. It was first established in 1892, while the park was established in 1915.
3. Rocky Mountain National Park is split into two sides, the Eastern and Western sides of the Continental Divide. The Continental Divide sends water on it’s West towards the Pacific Ocean and water on it’s East towards the Atlantic Ocean.
4. Over 4.5 million visitors stop through Rocky Mountain National Park each year.
5. Trail Ridge Road is the highest continual highway in the United States, reaching a maximum height of 12,183 feet over 48 miles.

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6. There are 476 miles of streams, creeks, and rivers spread throughout Rocky Mountain National Park.
7. More than 60 types of mammals call the park home.
Rocky Mountain National Park - OutThere Colorado
Hikers explore Rocky Mountain National Park
8. Despite being a natural park where nature is the main attraction, roughly 600 buildings stand in Rocky Mountain National Park territory.
9. The tallest point in the park is the Longs Peak summit at 14,259 feet. Longs Peak is the only Colorado 14er in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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10. Rocky Mountain National Park stretches for 415 square miles with an additional 395 square miles of U.S. Forest Service Wilderness surrounding it.
11. The government acquired that land for Rocky Mountain National Park during the 1803 Louisiana Purchase deal.
12. Rocky Mountain National Park is home to more than 150 lakes.
Bighorn Sheep - OutThere Colorado
Bighorn sheep in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.
13. Some sources say that up to 400 bighorn sheep call Rocky Mountain National Park home, other sources put this number at over 800.

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