You won’t find kings or queens at these Colorado castles, but you will find amazing architecture, spectacular views, and a chance to explore something a bit out of the ordinary.

1. Bishop Castle

Bishop's Castle - Chris Waits - flickr
Bishop’s Castle. Photo Credit: Chris Waits (Flickr)

Built by a one-man team, Bishop Castle is perhaps the most unique building in the state of Colorado. Jim Bishop bought the land for this roadside attraction in 1969 for $450 with the intention to build a cottage. He didn’t stop there. Swing by to explore adrenaline-inducing catwalks and towers, but navigate the site at your own risk.

2. Glen Eyrie Castle

Glen Eyrie Photo Credit: Glen Eyrie Castle
Photo Credit: Glen Eyrie Castle

Built in 1871 by General William Jackson Palmer, this Colorado Springs residence houses 17 guest rooms and 7 meeting rooms, including a 2,200 square foot “Great Hall.” The property hosts tea parties for the public on a regular basis. Find more details here.

3. Miramont Castle

Miramont Castle Museum in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Photo Credit: sfgamchick (Flickr).
Miramont Castle Museum in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Photo Credit: sfgamchick (Flickr).

Found in Manitou Springs, Colorado, Miramont Castle now operates as a Victorian-era historic house museum. Visitors are able to explore 42 furnished rooms during a tour of the building. It’s also worth mentioning that there have been long-time rumors that the structure is haunted, though the current staff says otherwise.

4. Dunafon Castle

Now operating as a wedding venue for the most part, Dunafon Castle was built just 15 miles west of Denver in 1941. Its location on a peninsula gives this spot spectacular views of Bear Creek. Learn more here.

5. Falcon Castle

Falcon Castle. Photo Credit: Heather Biggers (Reader Submission).

Built in 1909 by John Brisben Walker, Falcon Castle is now in ruins following a destructive fire started by a lightning strike in 1918. It can still be visited with a trip to Morrison’s Mount Falcon via Mount Falcon trail. Read more about it here.

6. Cherokee Ranch and Castle

Sunset at the Cherokee Ranch & Castle in Sedalia. Photo Credit: Jane Aldred Hannen, Cultural Events Coordinator Cherokee Ranch & Castle.

This 1450s Scottish-style castle was built from 1924 to 1926 on a massive swath of land – 3,400 acres today. It’s located in Sedalia, Colorado. Find out more about visiting this spot here.

7. Redstone Castle

Photo Credit: Redstone Castle.
Photo Credit: Redstone Castle.

Located near Aspen in Redstone, Colorado, this castle was built in 1903. The popular film The Prestige used it as a filming location in 2006 and tours are available. Find out more here.

8. Dillon Ice Castles

Photo Credit: Ice Castles
Photo Credit: Ice Castles

Not quite as long-lasting as stone castles found around the state, the Dillon Ice Castles are constructed anew each year in Summit County, Colorado. Plan a trip to experience a destination unlike any other in the state. Find out more here.

9. Richthofen Castle

Richthofen Castle supercraigtalbert (Flickr)
Richthofen Castle. Photo Credit: supercraigtalbert (Flickr)

A 35 room mansion found in Denver, Colorado, the Richthofen Castle was completed in 1887 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

10. The Brown Palace

Brown Palace Hotel Onetwo1 (Wikimedia)
Brown Palace Hotel. Photo Credit: Onetwo1 (Wikimedia).

This “palace” is a historic hotel that was built in downtown Denver in 1892, making it the second-longest operating hotel in the Mile High City. It was one of the first atrium-style hotels to be built, with 231 rooms spanning over 22 stories. If you want to stay here, it’ll cost you. Rooms start upwards of $300 per night, with suites costing closer to $1,000.

11. Cano’s Castle

Cano's Castle - QKC - Wikimedia Commons
Cano’s Castle in Antonito. Photo Credit: QKC (Wikimedia Commons)

Decorated with odd metal objects like hub caps and beer cans, Cano’s Castle is found in Antonito, Colorado. It was created by Donald Cano Espinoza as a means of paying tribute to God for his survival of the Vietnam War.

12. Westminster Castle

Westminster Castle DearMyrah (Flickr)
Westminster Castle. Photo Credit: DearMyrah (Flickr)

Known by some as the “Big Red Castle,” Westminster Castle was built to be Westminster University in 1892. Today, it serves as classroom space for Belleview Christian Schools, making a spot on the list of the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

13. Castle Rock

Castle Rock - OutThere Colorado
Castle Rock, Colorado. Photo Credit: ivanastar (iStock).

The last spot on this list is saved for a natural castle, Castle Rock, which is the namesake of the surrounding city. This recognizable geographical feature is passed by thousands a day as they travel between Denver and Colorado Springs.

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