Maybe it’s the chilly weather or the twinkling lights covered in snow, or maybe it’s the holiday cheer, but wintertime seems to be an especially romantic season. From snowshoeing to hot springs, trying out a climbing gym to playing hooky for a powder day, we’ve come up with some awesome ways to enjoy winter in Colorado with your sweetheart.

1. Blossoms of Light at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Blossoms of Light, Denver Botanic Gardens - OutThere Colorado
Denver Botanic Gardens.

The Denver Botanic Gardens hosts this annual event in honor of the holiday season. Enjoy the beautiful gardens covered in snow and illuminated in millions of twinkling lights. Plenty of spots for that perfect selfie!

2. Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park - OutThere Colorado
Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Head out for a wintery hike in one of the most beautiful national parks in Colorado! Click here for the three best snowshoe trails in this iconic park.

3. Ice Skating

Ice Skating - OutThere Colorado

Ice skating is just about as classic as it comes. Bundle up, grab some hot cocoa, and try not to fall too much!

4. Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs - OutThere Colorado

If you’re up for a road trip or are lucky enough to live near a hot springs, this outing is the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate after a hard ski weekend or a long week at the office. No cell phones allowed!

5. Powder Day Hooky

Aspen Highlands Photo Credit Jeremy Swanson, courtesy of Aspen Skiing Company - OutThere Colorado
. Photo Credit: Jeremy Swanson, courtesy of Aspen Skiing Company.

Be spontaneous and call in sick on a powder day. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss. In fact, we’ll probably see you out there on the slopes!

6. Sleigh Ride Dinner

Haymaker Sleigh Ride Dinner Steamboat Springs - OutThere Colorado
Haymaker Sleigh Ride Dinner, Steamboat Springs.

There are a bunch of companies that offer sleigh ride dining experiences in Colorado, like Haymaker Sleighride Dinner in Steamboat Springs. It might seem a bit touristy, but when you’re snuggled under a blanket headed through the woods to a five star dinner, being pulled by beautiful Clydesdales, it really won’t matter.

7. Dogsledding

Dogsledding - OutThere Colorado

Cutest. Date. Ever. Some adventure, some puppies, some fresh air… Doesn’t get any better.

8. Fire place s’mores

S'mores - OutThere Colorado

If the weather is really nasty and you feel like staying in, make a fire in your fireplace and toast some marshmallows for everyone’s favorite fireside treat.

9. Cozy Airbnb Getaway

Mountain Cabin - OutThere Colorado

Take a weekend for yourselves away from holiday shoppers and lingering family. Click here for seven amazing Airbnbs in Colorado.

10. Climbing Indoors

Climbing Gym - OutThere Colorado

Give a climbing gym a try. They have routes for all levels, and if you’re both newbie climbers, it’s always fun to try a new sport with your significant other.

11. Dinner at Tree Line

Alpino Vino in Telluride is a European-style five star dining experience at 11,966 feet. Gorgeous views, Italian wine, and a ride in an enclosed Snow Cat makes this dining experience one of the most unique in Colorado.

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