Acrophobia, also known as the fear of heights, is one condition that many people suffer from. If you’re looking to overcome this fear, Colorado is the perfect place to do it. Here are 11 Colorado destinations that will have even the bravest of souls a bit nervous. While most of these destinations are perfectly safe under normal conditions, proceed with caution.

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1. Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata - OutThere Colorado

This so-called “hike” will have you standing on tiny footholds hundreds of feet in the air. Fortunately, you’re strapped in, so it’s perfectly safe with the exception of human error or gear malfunction.

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2. Devil’s Head Lookout

Devils Head - Ben Mason - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Ben Mason.

It’s possible to see 100 miles from the top of Devil’s Head Lookout. Unfortunately, for those suffering from acrophobia, you’ve got to hike up an old staircase to get there. The unique climb to the top and the many dropoffs that surround the summit earn this Colorado destination a spot on this list.

3. Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge - OutThere Colorado

If you’re really wanting to feel your stomach drop, take a look off the edge of the highest bridge in the country. Nearly 1,000 feet above ground, the Royal Gorge is also home to a canyon swing and a gondola for those really wanting to push the limits.

4. Devil’s Causeway

Devil's Causeway - Matthew Jones - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Matthew Jones.

If you’re an avid hiker that just hasn’t gotten over your fear of heights yet, the Devil’s Causeway hike should cure you. Only 4 feet wide in certain sections and surrounded by cliffs that drop hundreds of feet, the Devil’s Causeway is one experience that’s not for the faint of heart.

5. Terror-Dactyl

Terror Dactyl - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Alyssa Wendt.

Ever wanted to experience a drop of 200 feet? The Terror-Dactyl canyon swing at Cave of the Winds gives you the chance. You and a friend will free fall straight down into a canyon before swinging up towards the opposite wall.

6. Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

DSNGRR - OutThere Colorado

Wrapping around cliffs on a narrow track, this railroad delivers some of the most scenic views in the state. Just don’t look down.

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7. Black Bear Road

As one of the most intense experiences featured on our list, the Black Bear Road drive over Black Bear Pass is for experienced off-road drivers only. Climbing more than 1,500 feet up narrow switchbacks and rough terrain, this Telluride area hike or drive is sure to give you a thrill.

8. The Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Black Canyon of the Gunnison - Colorado
View of the “Painted Wall” in the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in Colorado

With some spots of this canyon only seeing sunlight for 33 minutes a day, there’s no doubt that the dropoffs of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison are narrow and steep. Even just looking at the 2,250 foot tall Painted Wall will make you sick to your stomach if you suffer from acrophobia.

9. Guffey Cove

Guffey Cove - Spencer McKee - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Spencer McKee

Think you’ve almost beaten your fear of heights and are ready to test your limits? This Colorado cliff jumping destination will give you that chance. Watch what others are doing to find the right spots to jump and make sure you go feet first! Jump at your own risk.

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10. The Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun

Shrine of the Sun - Matt Wright - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Matt Wright.

Standing tall outside of Colorado Springs, this tower gives you a stunning view of the surrounding area. Be warned that the safety walls are short, sure to get your heart racing. To gain access to this one, you’ll need to visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo first.

11. Bishop Castle

Bishop Castle - waitscm - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: waitscm

Bishop Castle is one of Colorado’s most unique construction projects and has been growing in size since 1969. While this destination won’t automatically trigger your acrophobia, climbing to its tallest spires will.

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