Want to see an epic waterfall but don’t want to hike to see it? Here are a few waterfalls around the state of Colorado that you can easily drive to.

1. Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls Telluride. Photo Credit: Terry Foote - OutThere Colorado.
Bridal Veil Falls Telluride. Photo Credit: Terry Foote.

Located in Telluride, Bridal Veil Falls is the tallest free-falling waterfall in Colorado, dropping a whopping 365 feet. It’s located off of Black Bear Pass and accessible with a high clearance vehicle.

2. Box Canyon Falls

Box Canyon Falls
Jared Regan seeks to spy the Box Canyon Falls from a nearby overlook. Photo Credit: Katie Black Regan

Box Canyon Falls is an iconic destination in the mountain town of Ouray. It’s an official recreation site, which means you’ll need to park and pay a small entrance fee. After doing so, you’re able to make a short walk into the canyon to see this (literally) hidden gem.

3. Helen Hunt Falls

Helen Hunt Falls David Bitton Gazette file
Helen Hunt Falls. Photo Credit: David Bitton; Gazette file.

Located off of North Cheyenne Canyon Road in Colorado Springs, Helen Hunt Falls is a quick stop that’s totally worth it for the waterfall lover. This fall isn’t huge, but it’s quite beautiful. Stop by during snowmelt season for the best experience.

4. Rifle Falls

Rifle Falls State Park Colorado Waterfall
Rifle Falls State Park. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.

A trio of waterfalls that are roughly 70 feet tall, Rifle Falls in Rifle Falls State Park is one Colorado spot with a unique feel. It’s very lush here, feeling like a jungle environment at times. There are also small caves around the falls to explore.

5. Fish Creek Falls

Fish Creek Falls Bridge - OutThere Colorado
Fish Creek Falls Bridge, Colorado.

Technically, this isn’t a waterfall you can drive right up to. However, the walk to the lower portion of the falls is just .5 miles round trip on a gravel path. Dropping a distance of 280 feet, Fish Creek Falls is the perfect waterfall stop during a trip to Steamboat. Note that there is an entrance fee.

6. Seven Falls

Seven Falls Spencer McKee
Seven Falls lit up at night in Colorado Springs. Photo Credit: Spencer McKee.

Known for lighting up in a rainbow of colors once the sun sets, Seven Falls is located in Colorado Springs. It’s owned by the Broadmoor, which means that you’ll need to pay to take their shuttle to the base instead of your own personal vehicle. At the base, you’ve got a few options, including taking an elevator up to an overlook perched across from falls or climbing 100s of steps to reach the top. Learn more here.

7. Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls - Ahodges7 - OutThere Colorado
Rainbow Falls near Manitou Springs. Photo Credit: Ahodges7

A hidden gem in the Colorado Springs area, Rainbow Falls is a stunning waterfall that’s found right off of Highway 24 in Manitou Springs. Over the time, the bridge and surrounding rocks have collected their fair share of illegal graffiti, though major efforts have recently been made to clean up the site. You’ll find a parking lot near the fall with a very short gravel path to the base. Find information about visiting here.

8. Treasure Falls

Treasure Falls Nate Loper (Flickr)
Treasure Falls. Photo Credit: Nate Loper (Flickr)

Another fall that isn’t quite on the road, but it’s close enough to be very accessible, Treasure Falls is a 105 waterfall that’s 15 miles from Pagosa Springs. The hike to the falls is roughly .25 miles. It’s named Treasure Falls because there’s treasure said to be buried somewhere in the area in the 1700s. It hasn’t been found yet.

9. North Clear Creek Falls

North Clear Creek Falls. Photo Credit: Scott Ingram - OutThere Colorado.
North Clear Creek Falls. Photo Credit: Scott Ingram.

Perhaps one of the most stunning waterfalls in the state, North Clear Creek Falls is located near Lake City, Colorado. It drops more than 100 feet and makes a great start for a picnic.

10. Cornet Creek Falls

You’ll have to hike .25 miles to see this one, too, but it’s totally worth it. During this short hike to Cornet Creek Falls,  you’ll see beautiful views of Telluride Ski Resort and, of course, this 80 foot fall.

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