There’s a Colorado attraction planted in the heart of the San Luis Valley that has been seeking the otherworldly and unexplained for over a decade. Away from the light pollution of major cities, the UFO watchtower a couple miles outside of Hooper is the perfect place to spot abnormal happenings in the night sky. Whether you’re looking for an alien seeking a spot to land, government project gone awry, or just some beautiful stars, a trip here is sure to be a unique experience.

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The truth is out there.

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Standing a couple stories off the ground, the watchtower platform provides a great panoramic view of the surrounding valley, which is very expansive, flat, and sparsely populated.

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Some say it’s worth the visit just to check out all of the UFO memorabilia on the property.

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The Hooper UFO watchtower has been featured by news organizations like VICE due to all of the peculiar happenings in the surrounding area.

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When the tower was originally created, it was designed to be a tourist trap and the owner didn't expect to see much. Visitors have since spotted dozens of UFOs, with sightings still occurring on a regular basis.


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Some locals blame the occurrences in the area on the geothermal water in the San Luis Valley. Perhaps we'll never know.

For more, check out this VICE documentary:

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If you're curious about where the UFO watchtower is, here's a map from our headquarters in Colorado Springs!