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We’re taking orders for sponsorships! Feature your company on one or more of 12,000 outdoor destination pages, 32 activity categories, and original articles written by our award-winning team. We can also film your own virtual reality and activity videos. But hurry, availability won’t last long!

Web Sponsorships

Target by Outdoor Location: OutThere Colorado highlights over 12,000 outdoor destinations. Your company can sponsor a single outdoor destination (e.g., “Crested Butte 401 Trail”), a group of destinations (e.g., “All hiking trails within five miles of Crested Butte” or “Mountain biking trails longer than six miles”), or an entire state-wide destination category (e.g., “All trails in Colorado”).

Target by Outdoor Activities: OutThere Colorado categorizes all destination pages
by activities. By targeting a specific activity, your brand effectively sponsors a package of destinations, grouped by that activity, all around the state. For example, if your company sponsors fishing, your logo along with three other ads will appear on all rivers and lakes that allow fishing. Sponsorships by activity are exclusive and state-wide.

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OutThere Colorado publishes three to seven original articles per week. Book a spot and we’ll create an original piece in any of our article categories. Example titles: “How Yeti Cooler Technology Revolutionized Car Camping” or “Why X Games Athletes Love Line Skis.”

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Product Placement

Get Your Name Out There: We have a partnership with a London-based film crew, virtual reality expertise, professional film equipment, and a state full of epic locations. Bring your brand along for the viral video ride!
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360° Videos

Limited Availability: Schedule our team to produce 360° Videos of your store, product, outdoor scene, or other idea. It’s a full-service package – we produce, film, stitch, edit, provide music, render, assign 360 metadata, and upload to the platform of your choosing. Packages include 2 videos: one you own and market on your channels, and another we use on our platform that extends your product reach through our channels.

For pricing and to schedule a shoot, please e-mail:

Activity Films

We produce 1-3 minute viral videos to showcase your product or service. These are fully owned by you to use as you wish (TV Commercials, YouTube, Social Channels, etc). You can also plug these videos into our channels for more exposure.
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