While Colorado might not have the tallest mountain in North America, it is home to the highest ski lift. The Imperial Express Superchair carries skiers and snowboarders to 12,840 feet at the top of Breckenridge’s Peak 8. Not only does this lift service multiple bowls, it also allows skiers to access the highest hike-able point of the resort at 12,998 feet.

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It’s not too surprising, but this lift services terrain for advanced skiers only.

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Despite climbing nearly 1,000 feet, the Imperial Express Superchair only takes around 3 minutes, making this area of the resort perfect for crushing vertical feet.

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The highest point of Breckenridge is typically marked with an American flag. Put your arms in the air and jump to pass 13,000 feet. Or do a quick handstand to get your boots there instead!

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While this chair is mostly used to reach the Imperial Bowl, it also provides access to many of Breckenridge’s highest double-blacks. My personal favorite from this lift is Whale’s Tail, a steep run with great views, natural bumps, and several drops.

Here's a quick video to really put it in perspective.

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