Drone Delivers Coffee to Climbers at Garden of the Gods

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Okay, so we’re pretty obsessed with our drone. It not only allows us to shoot amazing film, it’s also really fun to fly.

Charles Roach, the General Manager of OutThere Colorado, got his FAA Remote Pilot Certificate this past summer and has since been shooting on location in conjunction with Prospect Arts, the professional film crew in charge of our seasonal shoots.

After a long morning of climbing during our summer film shoot at the iconic Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Charles decided to use the drone for a slightly different task—bringing a cup of joe to the climbers at the top of the route.

For the best mobile viewing experience: 1) For iPhone users — Tap the title in the video viewer and choose “Open in YouTube”, 2) For Android users — tap the title in the video viewer to open in the YouTube app.


Charles Roach

Charles is the General Manager of OutThere Colorado. He has explored, camped, skied, hiked, mountain biked, and photographed his way to almost every part of the state. Charles is married to Kimberly, they have a small dog named Daisy, and they had their first child, Grace, in October 2016.