Indian Hot Springs, Colorado. Photo Credit: asprui01.

Indian Hot Springs Resort

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The Area

Indian Hot Springs Resort has eighteen indoor and outdoor soaking options, but its greatest draw is the location, forty miles west of Denver in Idaho Springs. Choose from an indoor, clothing-required community pool; private, indoor, clothing-optional soaking tubs with private showers; gender-specific, clothing-optional, underground, geothermal vapor caves; and private, clothing-optional, outdoor, hot springs Jacuzzis. There’s a self-serve mud bath and full service spa, and you can make reservations or choose your massage or spa treatment from a menu at the front counter. Overnight accommodations include tent and RV camping with water and electrical hookups, private cabins along Soda Creek, and rooms in the modern lodge, the inn, and the historic lodge. Smoking, alcohol, glass and pets are not allowed, and there’s wheelchair access throughout the facility.

Pro Tips

  • Indian Hot Springs Resort's location on I-70 makes it a great halfway point between metro Denver and skiing, climbing, and mountaineering destinations west. Add an extra day to your weekend adventures, get off the highway and check in. You’ll appreciate a massage, a soak, and a bed while everyone else sits in ski traffic. You can drive home in the morning.
  • Idaho Springs is an old mining town with a population of just a couple thousand people that primarily caters to interstate travelers. There are many affordable restaurants including Beau Jo’s – known for deep dish “Mountain Pies” – and Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub, which boasts a selection of award-winning craft beers. Eat, drink, and be a merry soaker in Idaho Springs without breaking the bank, but soak before you drink for your health and safety.

Recommended season(s): Year-round.

Susan Joy Paul


Hours of Operation Check official website for hours of operation
Phone Number 303-989-6666
Average Temperature 90° F - 100° F
Admission Fee Check official website for prices
Clothing Clothing is required at all times in mineral water swimming pool; clothing is optional for geo-thermal caves, jacuzzis, and indoor private baths
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