Discovering a high altitude alpine lake on a hike can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Discovering a high altitude alpine lake that also happens to be one of the brightest blues you’ll ever see is truly unforgettable. The Blue Lakes Basin delivers that experience. With peaks like Mount Sneffels and Dallas Peak stretching 2,000 feet above you, the Blue Lakes Basin is one of the most scenic lakes in Colorado.

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The trail that will take you to the Blue Lakes is roughly 6.3 miles and starts near Ridgway.

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It’s no surprise that the Blue Lakes Trail is consistently one of the top rated trails in the Uncompahgre National Forest.

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The trail is known for its great mix of meadows, mountain views, and waterfalls.

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Cerulean kind of day in the alpine. #gOhike #fall #mtnliving

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If you’re planning a hike to the Blue Lakes, they’re most accessible June through October.

The famous blue coloring found in the Blue Lakes, along with many other Rocky Mountain lakes, comes from fine glacial material in the snow melt that fills them called "rock flour." It's very lightweight, floating on the surface thus distorting wavelengths of light. 

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