Wildlife OutThere Colorado

Colorado is abundant with wildlife from birds to fish, and amphibians to mammals.  Spotting wildlife in their natural habitats is easy in Colorado with 42 State Parks, 4 National Parks and hundreds of lakes and trails to choose from.

Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes Park is one of the best locations in the state to spot wildlife. Visitors commonly encounter moose meandering through marshes and wetlands, Peregrine falcons and Golden eagles soaring above them, elk bugling and rutting in the autumn, and mule deer dashing through the forests.

Driving into the mountains along I-70 near Georgetown or hiking above treeline on a Colorado 14er, there’s a good chance you will catch a glimpse of the state animal, the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

Colorado also has many fishing areas that have received the Gold Medal waters standard for their ability to produce large trout in big quantities, including the Spinney Mountain Reservoir and Fryingpan River.