Canoeing OutThere Colorado

Canoeing is a popular summer activity in Colorado. After getting the hang of how to balance the canoe, it is very easy to learn and can take you places you cannot access by foot, such as islands in the middle of the lake or to off-shore fishing areas on Gold Medal Waters such as Steamboat Lake.

Canoeing is also a family-friendly activity and a good way to see Colorado’s expansive, breathtaking scenery. There is nothing quite like canoeing across a still-as-glass alpine lake, such as the Twin Lakes, with Mount Elbert’s reflection spanning across the water.

Most Colorado lakes and reservoirs that have marinas, or the towns near them, offer canoe rentals for an hourly cost.

In the summer, be prepared for early afternoon storms that come in and can bring with them strong wind, rain, and lightning. High winds make canoeing incredibly difficult.