Mountain Biking

From established downhill mountain bike parks to high alpine singletrack, sandstone desert routes to cross-country favorites, Colorado is a mountain biker’s paradise. In fact, riders in Crested Butte in 1970’s are credited with popularizing and revolutionizing the sport. Their fat tire Schwinns were quieter than jeeps, less hassle than horses, and more efficient than foot travel through the mountains (and riding downhill at top speed was a blast!) so they tinkered with the design, developed routes like the famed 401 Trail, and by the late ‘70s, the sport of mountain biking had taken on a life of its own.

Mountain bike parks are the perfect place for beginners to practice their technique before heading up above treeline. Valmont Bike Park in Boulder and Ruby Hill Bike Park in Denver are two Front Range spots known for well-designed jumps and trails. Trestle Bike Park at the Winter Park Resort and Evolution Bike Park at the Crested Butte Resort are fun, fast downhill parks that utilize the ski hill terrain to create creative features and obstacles.